Training Program at JCI Umred Coal Power on “Women Empowerment” on 9th September 2012

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2012-09-14 14:30
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I got an opportunity to conduct training program on Women Empowerment for ladies of JCI Umred coal Power. My audience comprised of housewives. Some of them were in the age group of 30 – 40 and rest were above 50 years. After the inaugural session they were giving me a blank look and were wondering what I will be training them about. I knew it would be a tough job to motivate them and communicate my thoughts to them but i took the challenge and started the training.

I talked about the importance of self confidence and remove self doubt when communicating. Most of the ladies received their education till 12th standard so they suffered from poor self esteem and low confidence. They surrounded themselves in a shell and did not socialize due to lack of social skills. To empower them my first move was to make them realize of their powers and their contribution towards the society. I told them that without them the whole family will be incomplete and even the society could not progress. These words really rose their confidence and they were in a mood to listen to me.

I asked them to pursue their goals and dreams which they had dreamt of but left due to family pressure or lack of education, stop thinking about what others would say and pursue their dreams. Forget about ridicule and laughter and move ahead in life. To live for themselves too and not lose their individuality while nurturing their family. Ladies who were above 50 years suffered from Empty Nest Syndrome and were depressed. I told them to have creative goals and work towards them for maximum utilization of time. This will not only charge their batteries but will also give them a purpose to live their live. The ladies will involve themselves in doing creative things and come out of their depression.

They listened patiently. I was wondering if things were passing off their head. But at the end when i summed up they came up with lots of questions. This cleared my mind and i could see the success of my training program. I got a lot to learn and i also gathered lots of knowledge for conducting similar programs in the near future.

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