Training Program at JCI Durg/ Bhilai on “Be Better” on 29th July 2012

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2012-07-30 13:02

I got an opportunity to conduct training program at JCI Durg/ Bhilai on “Be Better”. I was appointed as the Pilot Faculty for MCID (Multi Chapter ID Program) along with two co-pilots Sandeep ji and Ekta ji. The program concentrated on Managing Self, Family, Profession and Social life of a person. The program was on how to better ourselves in each aspect of our life by upgrading our skills everyday or in other terms getting better each day.

I covered Self Analysis, Communication Skills, Stress Management, Time Management and Work life balance for being better. I started the program with Why we want to get better ? And the Benefits of Being better ? As the program gathered Velocity more are people participated. There were few participants who raised too many questions. It was really fun conducting Ice Cream Cups activity in which we formed teams. The team chose a leader and then the leader had to make longest tower blindfolded. The participants really gained momentum after the lunch by this activity. Participants derived learning on Leadership, Team Building, Goal setting, Stress Management and Time Management after this activity.

The participants got very emotional after viewing Nick Vujic video at the end of training session. The video showed how Nick Vujic conducted his day to day activity without arms and legs. I told them that we have everything but still we doubt ourselves and find faults but Nick has No Arms and No Legs and still has no complaints with life. This video was an eye opener for all the participants and motivated them a lot.

It was a great experience working as Pilot faculty for MCID (Multi Chapter ID Program). Thanks to the host Chapter, President, Nishant, Zone Director training, my co-pilots and pillars of jaycees who helped in making this program a success.

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