Training program on Goal Setting and Motivation at JCI Umred on 3rd January 2012

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Rashmi Priya conducting training at JCI Umred

I conducted my first training program on Empowering Youth this New Year at JCI Umred on 3rd January 2012. Topic was Goal Setting and Motivation. The program was for STD X students of Ashok Kanya Vidyalaya. The Occasion was Savitri Bai Phule birth Anniversary. Savitri ji played an important role for education of girls.

The program was inaugurated by lamp lighting. My audience consisted of 57 girls. The moment i entered their room there was complete silence and no whisper. After the inaugural session the training started. I started the session with Goal Setting. The students were going to appear for exams in the month of March, so i concentrated my whole training on how they should set goals while preparing for exams and how they should utilize their left over time for studies.

The students participated very well and some even shared their success stories with me. It was great to see those small hearts filled with passionate dreams and a fire to do something in life. I conducted motivation in the second half of my training period. There were no lectures only story sharing and what motivated them. I remember how one girl stood up and shared her story of motivation from her uncle who became a doctor after lots of struggle. She was very much inspired and wanted to follow his foot steps. It never felt that i met my audience for the first time. The students were very friendly and opened up with me.

At the end we bid goodbye to each other. The students called me teacher. Ah a new addition to my name. Thanks JCI Umred team and JC Ravindra Misal. Thanks Vinay, Gauri and Mukesh for making this program a success.

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