Training program on Effective Presentation Skills at JCI Bhandara

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2011-07-18 14:08
JCI Bhandara

I conducted training program on “ Effective Presentation Skills “ at JCI Bhandara on 16th July 2011. The program was organized by Jc Krishna Rao, President of the chapter. My participants were Civil Engineers, Contractors and LIC agents. It was really a great moment to interact with such a diverse audience. This was the first training program in Bhandara chapter. They were attending the training program on a Saturday evening after completing work. It was really hard for them to attend a program after a hectic work schedule. But they were present at the venue on time to start the program. My audience was very reluctant to learn about EPS. I could read their question marked faces. But i never lost hope and i was fully prepared to change their mindset. I started the session with an introduction about Jaycees and the benefits of being a member in Junior Chamber International. The age gap between me and my audience was visible but they interacted with me and opened up with the start of the session.

They introduced themselves and talked about their hobbies and work. I introduced the topic and tried my level best to arouse their interest. Yes my hard work paid and i could see their interest on their faces. I taught them how to use Effective presentation skills in their day to day life as well as on stage. It was a nice experience to interact with such a great audience.

I would like to thank Jc Vasudev Ramtekkar ji, Zone Director Growth & Development, JC Krishna Rao ji & my better half Vinay Yadav to make this program a success.

Trainer & Participants Rashmi Priya giving Training on EPS Past ZVP with Bhandara president, trainer & Secretary on Dais My young participants
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