Training program at Dr Ambedkar College, Nagpur on Stress Management on Thursday, 20th October 2012

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2012-12-22 15:06
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I conducted training program at Dr Ambedkar College, Nagpur on 20th October 2012. The topic of training was Stress Management. My audience comprised of Part I students from Science, Commerce and Arts background. This topic is very close to my heart as it is what i deal with and manage everyday.

I talked on the definition of stress and why it is important to manage it in day to day life. How to keep oneself motivated during tough times ? I also taught them the funda of “Forgive and Forget and move on”. I told them to start everyday with a new hope and learn from past experiences but not to carry past baggage of unhappy feelings.

Stress is something which takes away peace of mind so it is very important for everyone to manage it because when it becomes the master our body gets diseased and ill. The students were very enthusiastic to learn something new. I told them to be hopeful and move on, to strive for something to move ahead in life.

The session was great and the students were stress free after the session so i could achieve my goal as a trainer at the end of the session.

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