Soft Skills Training - Need of the Hour

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2014-12-08 15:41

Soft skills training is personality development training. Soft Skills training is very different from technical training or language training. A lot of people confuse soft skills training with other training programs. Soft skills are the skills which are required in a person to get hired. It is the most important skills because it is easy to train a person with a learning attitude rather than to train someone who has a negative attitude towards new learnings. Age is no barrier for receiving soft skills training. You can learn as much as you can at any age. The only barriers are the barriers of the mind which stops a person from learning something new.

The way you talk, walk, communicate, dress yourself, your method of working everything speaks about you. There are few characteristics which makes a person stand out in a crowd and get noticed. They carry a charisma which cannot be bought. They are the ones who know how they should carry themselves in personal as well as professional life. Every person whether they are working or non working needs to have basic skills which will help them carry out their day to day affairs smoothly. I would like to give example of an housewife who works for her house full day. She needs to have confidence to put her words forward, to convince her husband, children and friends. When she does this with confidence her words fall in the right place and people value her for that. But if she is not confident then she cannot make her presence felt. Now that is soft skills. Few people are bold while there are others who gain lots of confidence by attending personality development programs and regular practice. Regular practice of what has been learnt is very important.

Soft skills training is needed everywhere and is for everyone. For example School Students, College Students, Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Social Workers etc. Everyone needs to have good soft skills in them so that they can work efficiently. We talk every day with so many people whom we meet in our day but are we aware how to make the communication most effective. An employee talks with his coworkers, manager, boss etc but is he able to communicate effectively. These are few points which we have to keep note of. Just communicating will not do but the communication should be effective and perfect according to the situation. A person needs to develop good listening skills so that he can understand and know about others point of view. The more efficient we become the more progress we make as an organization. People are the building blocks of the organization who gets the work done. If they work efficiently think how much the company can prosper and grow.

Small small things creates a big difference and its is only when you value yourself and others emotions that you can work in a team. A soft skills trainer does the work of motivating as well as teaching concepts which are tried and tested. If it is implemented then things will work but then its not everything for everyone.

I have seen people asking me why do i need soft skills training or why i should get my employees trained. Soft skills training will not only boosts your profits but also employees morale who will do more productive work for you in the long run. It is regular training which should be conducted in an organization for regular motivation and new learning. It is something which takes employees out of their regular work regime and get them to a world of learning. Fun learning activities helps the employees in refreshing their mind so that they can get back to work with a new frame of mind.

People love learning something new and to keep the enthusiasm going they need some frequent bouts of motivation and training. Many companies spends lakhs on just soft skills training but then it is not what is spent that they count but what they get in return for what has been spent that counts. Seeing today’s market scenario i would say soft skills training is for everyone and it is necessary to possess these skills. It really adds to your personality and work.

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