Series of miracles happening in my life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2012-03-01 12:42

We usually read or hear about miracles happening in newspapers and magazines but there are very few people who experience it in their life time. But i have experienced it and now my faith in humanity and God has strengthened much more more than before. I stay at Manish Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra. My husband lost his Samsung mobile one month ago near Shilpa Nagar, Somalwada. It was found by an auto driver and handed over to him after two days. That person called me and said he was trying to locate the owner of the mobile, i said it was my husband's mobile and he had lost it two days back. That auto driver gave the mobile back. This was the first incidence.

The second took place when i was traveling from Jamshedpur to Nagpur on 26th of February 2012 by Geetanjali Express. My purse was stolen and i was in a big shock as all my debit cards, credit cards, PAN card and driving license of my husband were stolen. We registered the complaint in the railway police station, i received a call on 29th February 2012 from Rajnandgaon from an unknown person that they have found a red bag with some cards, mobile and spectacles. They could call me because my Attitude School visiting card was in the purse. I noted the location and my husband brought the missing papers and bag back. They were laborers and they found the bag on the railway track. Though i had blocked all the debit and credit cards but i was happy to get my bag back. Humanity is still alive in the hearts of people and God is there.

Yes i wanted to share one more thing that we now doubt the railway attendant for the theft as my purse was stolen from second A/C. My purse had all cards except cash, so we doubt that the attendant who supplies bed sheets must have stolen it for money and then threw it after recovering all the money from the purse. Beware of railway attendants and take good care of your belongings.

If you have experienced something like this share your experience here.

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