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Good customer service and all benefits

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2010-10-26 10:03
Good Customer Service

Every company big or small wants satisfied customers and leaves no stone unturned to satisfy and pamper them. Companies come up with different schemes and packages to woo customers. After all customer is king and if the king is unhappy then things will really turn gloomy. Every branded company has got a good customer service department to help clients solve their problems with the product, service or store. We as customers are liable to get good service from the company and if we get problems with the product we can directly complain them and solve the problem. We need to be aware and of all our rights as customer and fight for our rights. Companies lay down different plans and benefits for customer satisfaction but sometimes due to miscommunication things get distorted and ugly. I will cite an example here – I am a regular customer of reliance fresh. They always comes up with new security system to ward off theft. This time in the month of October they came up with the plan of introducing a red bag for carrying purse. It really feels awkward to carry a big red bag along with you where your small purse and other valuables are locked. God i was so frustrated that i mailed Reliance Fresh at - [email protected] . Their customer care department is really great. They called me up and sorted out my problem. They contacted the local store manager to sort out the problem so that no one had problems while shopping.

If i would have kept quiet and given in to the situation. Things would have remained the same and the problem would have aggravated instead of being solved and in the long run i would have stopped going to the store. But i retaliated and complained and customer care of Reliance Fresh sorted out my problem. We should not give in to any odd situation but let our problems known at the right place. There are “N” number of sites to register any customer complaints and product problems but they don't sort out the problem. Until and unless you mail the right person your problem will not be sorted. We as customers need to be aware of our rights. Every company gives good service because without service a product cannot thrive in the market and will soon wither.

We have to become conscious and raise our voice and not suffer any disrespect shown to us. Once each and every customer becomes aware there will be no duplicate, faulty or adulterated product in the market and we can all rest in peace that what ever we are purchasing is pure. If you see something wrong with the product or want to give any suggestions regarding the product please find out the right email ID from Google and write directly to the company. Your problem will be sorted and your voice will be heard and the sense of satisfaction will keep you going and some day you will be rewarded as India's best customer. All the best.

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