Responsibilities - Gift of Life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2014-03-13 14:08

Every person on this earth is born with a responsibility to be handled in the long run. God has created every human being and have send him/ her here to do a certain task which can be done by no one else except that person. Responsibilities makes life worth living and it is the responsibility which makes us capable and strong to handle the task at hand. Compare two people one with responsibilities and the other with no responsibilities, you will know the difference between the two with the way they handle their life, talk to people, attitude and body language. A responsible person is very different from an irresponsible person. Responsibilities teaches us time management and we can manage all our responsibilities within 24 hrs time span.

Responsibilities makes us a capable person and we learn to do the task at hand on our own rather than depending on someone else for help. We take charge of our life and do our duty. Full transformation happens and a person gets confident when he handles more and more responsibilities. We should have faith in ourselves that we are capable of doing the task at hand and do it. This not only generates self confidence but also increase our knowledge and ability to do a certain task. A person who knows that help is available for him at each step will not put in 100 % effort to be successful because he knows if he will not do it others will do it for him, while on the other hand if the same person knows that he has no other option but to do what needs to be done himself and no one would come for his help, he is sure to do it with full effort and get victorious. Responsibilities changes a person’s life. The person who is at the top notch position of the company may not have imagined that he would ever get there. It is through continuous learning and handling responsibilities that he learned what was needed and got that position.

A person who runs away from responsibilities lands up nowhere. I would like to cite my own example here - my life changed after my daughter was born and yes she was an added responsibility on me, but then i loved it i became more disciplined and took charge of my life. I started looking into each and every matter which i previously thought to be my husbands department. This helped me in breaking my barriers and i emerged as a more confident person capable of getting desired results. You handle a responsibility and grow. When there is substantial growth your talents gets recognized and you rise above the masses, shine like a star and that is the time when you start growing and there is no looking back. You are aware what was the cause of your growth and you learn what successful people do.

Responsible people are optimists and they create their own future. They believe in karma and know it is they themselves who will take them ahead in life and nothing else. We may wear the hat of a responsible person but if it is not our core self we get exposed very soon and the truth is revealed so it is better not to pretend something and learn it. Time moves on, days passes by, and by the time we get aware we have lived a large chunk of our life. Self realization is important and age is never a criterion for success. If you think you can you can, there is nothing which can stop you.

Everyone loves to deal with responsible people whom they can trust. They are always welcome everywhere. An employer needs a responsible employee, a teacher needs a responsible candidate and vice versa, nation needs a responsible leader etc. We all love responsible people who handle their responsibilities with full dedication. I am more determined and dedicated when i perceive something as my duty rather than just work. Full self transformation happens and the more we learn the better we become day by day and it is for our own personal growth. The experiences which we gain is more valuable than gold and diamonds because it is something which we learn from life. Experiences are what makes a person. It is therefore very necessary to get responsible and take charge of our life for reaching our goals.

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