Regional Conference 2009

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The Regional Conference ( RC ) held on Sunday, 24th May 2009 at IMA Hall Nagpur was a great hit. The pro gramme named “Hungama” was hosted by JCI Nagpur Gondwana. The programme schedule involved activities for everyone in the family starting from elderly to the most youngest in the family. Children s enjoyed the most. The programme started at 9:30 am and ended at 9:30 pm. The best part was Lucky Draw for Holiday package for first 200 entries. Everyone was interested in the Holiday package. I feel that few people came just for package and not for attending RC. But it felt good when i sat in the well of crowded hall with really great dressed audience. Now you will ask me well dressed audience what does that mean ? Oh let me make things clear , there was an award for Best dressed Jaycee, Jayceerette & junior Jaycee. All colourful dresses with sweet sound of bangles could be heard from all corners.

After breaking the fast at 9 am the conference started. Chief Guest was Police Commissioner of nagpur. He spoke about the use of internet and computer and how to keep pace with the really fast moving technology. He talked on personal safety and safety of our home by use of newly advanced gadgets. He emphasized on driving safely. After he left our Zone President addressed the audience and spoke that it was very much necessary to work with single minded approach and devotion for getting success. He gave his own example and said learn from failures.

Keynote speaker Mahesh Rathi communicated that we all learn from RC what other chapters are doing apart from our own. He told talent is within us and we all have pearls inside us & jaycess gives us a platform to show them. Once we take all opportunities we succeed. He told that present work is very important and gave example of A man who went out to help though his family had dies in the terrorist attack. He went out to save others so that at least he could save few lives. He lived in the present. If he too would have mourned and sat beside his family without helping others, many would have died. Live in the present as future is unpredictable and past is gone. What i liked the most was “ If you have to make your remaining life successful work hard towards it and make your dreams come true “.

The inauguration function was really excellent and after end of inaugural function the stage was all set to rock with programmes. First was Effective Public Speaking for Jaycee, Jayceerette & junior Jaycee. Only one participant was allowed from each chapter. All participated very well. And in the mean they called names of first twenty lucky winners who has won the free tour to Goa. That part was really exciting because everyone would keep quite so that they didnt miss the names. The person who won felt at the top of the world as he/she has won out of 200 entries and thats a big thing. JCI Nagpur Green city stole the show by winning maximum number of Lucky Draw. “No match Fixing Ok”. Its all luck. There were games for Children's and Couples too.

We all were really feeling hungry as the EPS competition took a lot of time. Then we dispersed for lunch. Lunch was really delicious with all varities of food including Jalebi and Icecream. I ate to the fullest than again reassembled in the main hall for Drama Competition. Only nine chapters were allowed to participate. The time allocated for drama was 7 Minutes.

There were few guide lines for Drama which were -


Now the Competition was tough and Everyone gave their best as there was Cash prize of Rs 11000 for the winner team. The runners up would get Rs 5000. Everyone tried their talent and performed best according to their energy. JCI Nagpur Green City won the Consolation prize. Our president was really happy “ Ah what an Achievement “. Then again the lucky winners for Free tour to Goa. The person who worked hard all the way from inaugural function to the end and hold ed the mic was president 2007 Jc Mahesh G Keshwani. Hats off to this man and his energy, he was charged with energy and never left his cool till the end.

The concluding part was little delayed due to drama but things moved smoothly as all Guests sat down for the concluding Ceremony. At 7 Pm DJ night was organised and every person enjoyed to the fullest. The floor was all rocking with beautiful ladies dancing and singing. RC guest Our Zone director Jc Amitanh Dubey enjoyed the fullest. At around 9 pm we all dissipated for Dinner and left for our respective homes.

Last but not the least We all enjoyed a lot and carried sweet memories of RC.

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Rashmi Priya

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