Post Performance Appraisal blues

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Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal is a quarterly or half yearly or yearly activity carried out by companies to check performance of employees. It is a system to check the performance of individual employees for promotion, salary increment or bonus. But this very system to check the performance can cause problems in the smooth working of the organization. A lot of gossips and rumor keeps mongering among employees. They are without head and tail and are carried out by those who are not happy with their performance reviews and feedback. These rumors hamper work of other employees who are committed to work and do not let the negative feedback affect their work.

Post appraisal environment has to be dealt with a lot of care as the environment is very sensitive and the new hires who are unhappy with the feedback are more likely to leave the present company and join another organization or look for another job. The Human Resource Manager has to intervene and make sure that every problem is listened to and solved. There are lots of confusions which an employee face due to lack of proper knowledge so the person in charge has to to listen to all the problems and provide proper solutions. The employee has to keep his mind open and be prepared for all kinds of feed back whether negative or positive. If the feedback is negative they should consult their immediate managers and bosses as to what is the problem and what should be done to make them do good work. These positive steps will lessen performance appraisal blues among employees.

Most of the employees who are currently unhappy with their current performance stays in that same mode. Here the HR manager has to intervene and tell them that the appraisal is over and they should concentrate on their work and stop digging past graves and concentrate on future. Most of the office work gets hampered due to employees still crying over pass mistakes and failures.

The new hires are not equipped to handle the anxieties, tensions and rewards following Appraisal, so they need to be taught how to handle these emotions. If there is a negative feedback they should be shown the proper path and the long term goal which they can achieve by following that path. They should concentrate on the big goal rather than concentrating on the short term problems and negative feedback. If they are awarded with more responsibilities they feel insecure and lonely as no one helps them, that is the time HR manager should intervene and get proper help to train the employees so that he stays away from stress and post appraisal tensions.

Employees should be taught not to pay heed to rumors as they have no head or tail but it leads to employee attrition before the appraisal season starts. These rumors are spread by people who are negative and dissatisfied with their work.

Performance Appraisal is a good thing but employees and HR managers should know how to handle them. Employees are the backbone of an organization and employee attrition increases cost of new hire and training costs of the company. So it is always in the benefit of the organization to take care of their think tanks and nurture them slowly to get benefited in the long run.

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