Office – A healthy and Comfortable place to work

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2010-10-06 12:30

In today's fast moving scenario where most of the population is working, office is a place where an individual person spends most of the time. With the advent of Cut throat competition and multinationals growing their roots strong on Indian grounds have opened lots and lots of opportunities which in turn has increased working hours. Working professionals spends minimum 8 hrs and maximum 10 – 12 hrs at office so office needs to be a comfortable place where they can work and have enough fun to keep them motivated.

Employers need to take care of the work culture and the office interiors for fresh feeling and to avoid monotony at work place. Office should be lighted properly. There should be no dark places. Wall colors and paintings should be soothing to the eye. Show piece and green plants should be properly placed which gives the office a professional look and keeps employees grounded to nature.

Office furniture should be comfortable and there should not be messy tables. Everything should be placed properly. Office should be clean and tidy. Proper work space and good office location is also very important. If a person is not comfortable working in office he will remain absent from work and not work up to his capability. There fore its very important that an employer takes care of all needs of an employee and provide him with a complacent working environment where he / she enjoys working and not suffer from boredom.

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