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I conducted training program at Gurunanak School, Nagpur on 18th July 2012 for 9th standard students on Leadership. I entered the hall and there was pin drop silence. Mahek, President JCI Women's World introduced me to the students. After a formal introduction i started up with the training. The students were very eager to know as to what i will teach them on leadership. I asked them to assess themselves and do self analysis and then choose a future path of their career. Leadership is a journey, not an end or a destination. A leader works hard and carves a path for others to follow. A leader is sometimes a good team player, a manager, a worker when needed. He has no ego and shares his success with others. He is a people's person and knows how to maintain relationship.

I also discussed on leader being a good communicator and goal setter not only for himself but also for those with whom he is associated. He sometimes has to travel a lonely path and take tough decisions but that does not undermines his status or his qualities. People may or may not recognize him but he works hard to reach his goal. He is a trend setter, a work doer, a self starter, a person with a vision. It is the attitude which defines the leader. A leader should not have self doubt but a person ready to face challenges.

It was a great and interactive session. I dropped my email id so that students could communicate with me. It really felt great to create leaders of tomorrow.

Thanks Mahek for giving me an opportunity to conduct training program for Gurunanak School students.

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