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JCI Nagpur Gondwana President, Trainer and seniors

JCI Nagpur Gondwana President, Train ...
Audience of JCI Nagpur Gondwana
Group with their creative home
Winning team with the best creativity
Participants at work
Team work

JCI Nagpur Gondwana training

I conducted training program at JCI Nagpur Gondwana on Motivation on 12th February 2012. I was very excited to conduct the training as the topic Motivation is very close to my heart. I too get motivated while motivating my audience. It was a fine sunday morning and i reached hotel green city the venue where training was to be conducted on time. I distributed “ I am Motivated” batches to all the participants. Few wore it without any problems while some of the middle aged audience found it childish and were reluctant to wear the batch, but i some how convinced them to wear the batch. It was a crowd of 40 participants.

I started the session with my own story and how i stayed motivated myself each day to move ahead in life. The participants were very friendly and responded very well. I gave them the task of constructing a home from KG Cardboard sheets and the audience really surprised me with their creativity.
The team constructing the best home was awarded the prize. I would like to thank JC Sanjay Shelke, JC Manoj Pande, President JCI Nagpur Gondwana and the whole team of JCI Nagpur Gondwana who helped me in making this program a success.

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