No Communication - Hampering career growth and Relationship

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2011-06-06 13:59
Effective Communication

No communication - Leads to miscommunication. It is always recommended to stay in communication as absence of communication causes negative talk. There are various situation which arises when we cannot speak or state a problem directly and avoid it which leads to aggravation of problem. Every individual has to realize the need for communication. The employees need to be in direct communication with the employers and need to disclose their work with them so that at the time of appraisal they are in good books of the top management. lack of communication with the manager or the concerned person will lead to negative talk and hamper the growth of the individual in the long run.

One of my friend working in a reputed organization had to resign due to lack of communication with the top management. His fellow colleagues reported better performance than him and got promotion while he was thrown out of job for not doing good work. So communication is a critical aspect and if we forget to exhibit the same others will trod upon us and grab the opportunity waiting for us.

There are people who may plot against you and make you a victim if you do not remain in communication. A phone call, an email , instant messaging, SMS can work wonders and helps in increasing the bond of good relationship. My husband always told me to remain in communication with my friends so that they remembered me and it was easy for me to work with them when needed. Good personal relationship leads to good professional relationship and we always want to work with people whom we know rather than working with someone unknown. Communication is very important when we want to grow our friend circle or our business.

Staying in communication with our loved ones and family increases the familial bond and we come closer. Just a small text message shared can work wonders and strengthen the bonds of family. A short word, a kind gesture or a small gift keeps our loved ones glued to us.

Never underestimate the power of communication. Communication is an effective tool and absence of it can be hazardous.

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