My Self Image – Designer of my Future

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2011-05-12 12:41
My Image

There are few questions flashing in my mind before i begin writing. What is Self image ? And how its shapes our future ? Self image is the the way we perceive ourselves. The work or activities we do is the reflection of our self. The words which we speak, the way we walk, talk, eat, treat others or live our life everything defines us. Its your real image which you cannot conceal from the whole world, its something which is visible. We might act as an impostor at times but our real image is displayed and it cannot be hidden.

Every day we look at the mirror and do self talk , sometimes positive and at times negative. The positive self talk makes us glow and the whole world seems beautiful while the negative talk makes us a whiner. The world around us is a reflection of our own selves. The image in the mirror is just a reflection and not a real one but we look at it every day and perceive ourselves the way we are according to our reflection. There are people who always looks at the brighter side and others who concentrate only on the negativity. When we carry a positive self image we become a problem solver and look for solutions while a negative self image makes us a grumbler. We go to school, colleges, earn great degrees but do these design our image ? The answer is “No” . These adds to our self image and does not designs our image. Its our perception that defines us.

We are creator of our own destiny. It depends on how we perceive ourselves and approach towards problems of life. We are great if we perceive ourselves to be great. We are small if we think like that. Its all about our attitude which designs our future. Negative impression leads to negative image and positive feeling leads to positive image. My grand parents advised me to think positive and associate with positive people and positive objects to keep my self happy. I never took it seriously till i understood one day that they left a great message for me. Positive people bring joy and we feel happy in their company. Negative people are constant mourners and they are complainers which leaves us disturbed so associating with positive people is always a boon. Positive objects are things which give us joy. It can be anything like a watch, pet or great quotations just anything which gives us joy.

I came across a great quotation “ Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great”. So lets create our positive self image and design a successful future for ourselves.

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