My meaning to Life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2016-05-03 18:22
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Our life is the sum total of all the experiences we gain during our journey from the day we are born till the time of our death. Life's a journey and not a destination. It gets the meaning which we give. The journey is full of ups and downs, some good and some bad moments but what we have to do is gather experience and move on. The path of mortality is full of hurdles sometimes put by people who are close to you but then forgive, forget and move on. The people we meet in our life makes life worth living and they add flavour to our life. They give us experience of a lifetime and few of them walk with us till the end. These are the people who have to be treasured and they are very few in number. These people are the ones who fills your life with good moments and even bring tears to your eyes but you love them. Your unconditional love and acceptance for these people makes your life fulfilling and adds on to your happiness.

Give a good meaning to your life because it is you who has to walk with yourself till the end. You will meet lots and lots of people but only some of them will touch you till the bottom of your heart. These people will touch your soul and you cannot dissociate with them even though you may try to. Treasure these people. You may have no bonds with that person. It’s ok.

It is my life and my life is an expression of my thought process and it carries the definition with which I define it. Do not accept someone else’s definition of life. Live your life according to your own terms and conditions. People will try to encroach your space. Allow only those who are close to your heart and leave the rest outside. Left ones do not need to be close to you.

I am a very straightforward kind of a person who lives life to the fullest. I love my life and I have defined my life. I know what I have to do and with whom I want to be. The people who really matter in life, one’s who are very important and I want them to be really very happy. I have figured out my goals. I have my goals. I manage a lot of things in my life. I know how difficult it gets at times when people do pull you down to the bottom and leave you there and want you to search for your true self. I have arisen from that scattered sand and I can take any problem at face value. Nothing can put me down. If I want something I will get it because I am focused on what I want with full heart and soul. Even the Law of Attraction and the whole Universe favours me so that I can get what I want. My life makes a lot of sense not only for me but also for people who are close to me. I have added a positive meaning to my life. The person who is born not only to carve her own destiny but also help others find their true self.

My life is an expression of my innermost self which is very beautiful full of life which does not age with time. I am an approachable person for those who want to reach out to me when they need me the most. I am a good friend. I am there to support everyone. No one in this whole universe can tell you what you are capable of doing. Let people mock at your back, let them question your ability. You do what you feel correct. Put in your 100% to get what you want in life. I bet you will get it. There is no scarcity and the Laws of Universe work in your favour when your desire something from the bottom of your heart. Even God’s pave way for you so that you can get what you truly desire.

I am a very positive person and I feel that everything happens for our good so that we can get more understanding by the joys and sorrows of our life. Once we get an experience of how to live our life we can live our life better and even guide others to live a better life. Life is full of energy and carries all good meaning. You just have to arise, awake and not stop till you get what you want in life. I am a goal oriented person and I define my own life and the meaning I have added to my life is my own definition and not words which have been borrowed from somewhere else.

Give your life a wonderful meaning because your life will run according to your definition. Do not look back when encountered with failures. I would say failures happen in life to make us more humble and give us experience that something good is awaiting us and we need to put in more effort. Life is full of love and lovely people, you just have to dig deep and find them out. Have those good people around, they make life meaningful and though you may not have any bonding with that person but the virtual bond of friendship and love is enough to keep your life lively and full of love.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m