My Journey of Hormonal Imbalance to Good Health

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Rashmi Priya

I am writing this article based on my own experience with hormonal imbalance. I delivered my baby in the year 2008 and since then my life was never normal. She was delivered through a Cesarean delivery. After a few months, I started facing problems of heavy bleeding. I consulted my Gynecologist and she said that I was having problems of hormonal imbalance. I had mood swings too which really took away my peace of mind. She treated me on birth control pills which never sorted out my problem. She gave me medicines to curb my periods but that too didn’t help much. After almost a year I started having too much pain during my periods. I would say that the lower abdominal pain never went away it was always there and my whole body felt heavy all the time. Even I had swelling in my legs which pained a lot. I visited the doctor and she now told me that I had developed both Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. The endometriosis which I had developed after delivery of my baby caused me Irritable Bowel Syndrome and I could not eat what I liked. I had left all dairy products, all soy products so that I felt better. If I ate oily or fried foods that would cause too much acidity and it really got very difficult for me. She tried to help me with the birth control pills treatment but it never helped me much. I was frustrated and I could not concentrate either on my work or family. This continued for almost 3 years until I concluded that she won’t be able to help me much.

I researched the internet and found that Yoga is very helpful and it will help in controlling my problem of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. I started doing yoga for one complete hour and I concentrated on poses which would sort out my problem like paschimottanasana, kandharasana, bhujangasana and chakrasana. Initially, I could not do all the yoga poses properly but after 7-8 months I could bend my body and get the final yoga pose. These yoga poses not only helped me with all the abnormal symptoms which I was facing but also helped me in getting my health back on track. I also ate a ½ tablespoon of pure grounded turmeric with honey daily. This cured my endometriosis and adenomyosis fully but I never stopped doing yoga because I knew if I left it something else may happen.

I am a fitness freak but I always face some or the other health problems and all related to hormones. In the year 2016 I started facing issues of missed periods and suddenly my skin started getting very dry, dry eyes, skin allergy, change of skin color, piles, scaling of skin of my legs. The dead skin on the heels of my legs built up very fast. When I visited a skin doctor he gave me some medicines and ointment but that did not help much since I was allergic to ointment so I applied boro plus on my feet to keep them moisturized and avoid cracking. The skin under my feet would crack and bleed which made it difficult for me to walk. I just could not understand what went wrong with my body. That is the time I went to my gynecologist and she said since I was nearing my forties it may be symptoms of Premenopause. The reaction on my face was like “What” How can this cause me so many problems.

The whole year 2016 was like hell. I did my yoga sincerely but then also I had these hormonal issues but I was hopeful I will be able to handle it. I continued with my routine yoga and turmeric treatment which cured me of all the premenopause health problems. I was very happy that now things will be going great with my life. But my life never went smooth I have faced so much health problems that I dream of living a really healthy life.

I had lower abdominal pain all the time and I visited my Gynaecologist several times and she said it was due to Irritable Bowel Syndrome and it had got nothing to do with any uterine problems. I researched the internet and found that Premenopause also causes lower abdominal pain. God, I suffered so much from that lower abdominal pain that I started doing long hours of yoga just to cure that pain but instead of curing my pain I aggravated my problem. I never realized my body was very much prone to hormonal imbalance. There are few people who have this kind of vulnerable bodies while there are rest who tide over hormonal imbalance smoothly and their life is not out of track so much. I had done a lot of damage to my body by overdoing yoga. My body developed hormonal imbalance and I missed my periods for 2 to 3 months. I used to bleed very little. I developed a severe allergy. I had to avoid lots of foodstuffs, then I developed stomach problems. I developed indigestion problems so I ate food that was easily digestible and I also had severe piles due to allergic reactions in the anal region.

I developed anemia and lost lots of weight. This continued for 7-8 months before I understood that I need to sort out my problems. The doctors could not help me much so I would say I understood my problem and researched the internet and found that too much yoga had caused me this problem of hormonal imbalance and I need to cut short my time so that I can balance my hormones again. I had electric shock sensation in my body, swollen legs which pained a lot and made it difficult to walk and an allergic body which was allergic to too much dust in the surroundings. I have dealt with everything bravely and even in those bad days I never lost hope. I knew I have to get my health back and I have to be strong. I am sharing my experience with all the ladies out there just to help you understand that your body is a biological machine which functions best when balanced and you should never lose hope when it gets unbalanced. You all have that power within you which can bring things on track.

My disease which seemed incurable to doctors, I have cured it. I listened to a talk by “Sadguru Ji” where he said that “The very life force which created you has the power to cure you”. Our bodies have the innate ability to cure itself. Yoga which was done by our Rishi Munis years ago can do unimaginable things for curing your body and you can understand it only when you start doing it. I found out that “Paschimottanasana” was the asan which could help me out. I would say it was an experiment since I was fed up visiting doctors and their treatment and all conclusions. I would say I took my health in my whole hands and I had no idea where I would be heading whether I would be successful or not, whether I would be able to live a normal life or not like many other women. There was so much going in my head. I thought let's see what I can do with it. I started doing “Paschimottanasana” just for half an hour because to balance your hormones you should do moderate amount of exercise. I chose yoga because I had lots of faith in it. If you go and do heavy exercise in the Gym it will increase your problem rather than decreasing it. Sometimes I felt too cold and sometimes too hot. I had problems with my body temperature.

I ate turmeric as usual daily and after complete two months, I could feel a different body. My body had started healing and my symptoms were getting better. I had to undergo blood transfusion done due to severe anemia caused by my piles. I have struggled with my health almost every day and I have lived those painful moments when death felt better than the health struggle but I never gave up. I knew I could do it and I will get my good health back. After almost a year I am still recovering. I ate tablets to increase my hemoglobin levels and I would say there was no looking back. The hurt, the pain, and all the struggles which I have gone through has made me a better person and in sharing my story I want to empower you all.

I want to tell you that you have got a great power residing inside you and when you make up your mind to do something you can do it. If I can do it you too can. Be positive and be happy. Life will seem beautiful and you will thank God for all the good things in life and forget your bad days.

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