Marketing – A way of life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2012-10-02 12:57

The very idea of writing this article came to my mind when i was reading how to become a self published author. I checked websites like,, and There are thousands and lacks of authors who have written books. You get confused as to which one to buy. You make a choice by either checking the reviews or number of books sold. Think of some one who is first time author or who wrote something for the first time, then who is going to buy his book. That is when marketing comes in to play. Our whole life revolves around marketing ourselves and if we fall short we are out of the race. First timers need to promote themselves in every possible way so that they too join the success league. Believe me if you have quality and have faith in yourself you can sell your work and even get good remuneration for that.

If i talk of marketing how many people are there who actually market themselves or promote themselves so that they are recognized. Very few, you can count a handful of people who actually market themselves to the fullest and are confident in delivering their services. Many people run short of self confidence and doubt themselves or think there are many service providers who are better than them then why should they promote themselves. It is always better to be in the race rather than be satisfied in staying away from it. There are many people who are really intelligent but they are not successful either in business or in life while others who scored average are better off in life than them. This is not mere luck but something more than that which is called perseverance and many people stay away from it. Wanting something again and again, trying it again and again till we are successful. Remember the whole world just recognizes our success and not our efforts so do not expect applause's for the amount of effort you put in everyday to be successful. Just work hard, do not expect the nod of someone, approval of some one, just follow your heart and the road to success will get clear everyday and one day you will see yourself at the top. Once you set a goal, trod a path the whole picture gets clear.

I would recommends trainer and motivational speakers to sell themselves by writing articles, books and even publishing their work on Let the whole world know what you do and how good you are at doing something ? How you are different from the rest of the masses ? Life is more about selling. We even do not but a product or service which we never heard of and go for products which are marketed well. So why not market ourselves in the best possible way to get maximum desired results.

Go ahead and market yourself.

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