Love You Jindagi My Journey to meet to Sri Padmanabha Swamy Book Published

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My Book

Here is the link of my Book which is available for sale on Amazon and Flipkart:-

Hello, my lovely readers, I want to announce the release of my first book - Love You Jindagi My Journey to meet Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy today i.e 20th February 2020.

It is a Motivational book on the journey of my life. The ups and downs which I encountered in my life and how I faced them head-on without giving up is a great take away from the book. There is no human being in the entire universe who is not challenged by life but it is how you face those adverse situations that define who you are as a person. A fighter or just a victim who groans and complains that it is the end of the world. If you ask me I would say that life is not wise for anyone. It is all upon you how you make everything work in your favor.

If you are born on this earth to fulfill a very big purpose than be prepared because life with not only test you but it will put you in situations where your whole thinking will get clogged and it is those trying times that tests your true capability. You have two options before you, either to give up or face the difficulties head-on. I would love to hear stories of people who had an easy life and made it to the top. The tough times make your personality shine like a diamond. Do you think that the charcoal which is easily available and carries no value would have converted into diamond easily? The charcoal gets tested to its maximum limit before it is converted into diamond, a precious stone that shines and spreads its light. The pressure which you handle shines your personality and makes you better than what you were yesterday.

My book carries the message that you should enjoy the journey, the hardships and the destination but don’t stick to a certain place for too long. Keep improving, keep growing and Love Your Jindagi. Live life to the fullest. God gave one life to live so live it King Size.

My book contains instances from my personal life when life hit me and I was at rock bottom but I persevered and kept going even if it meant putting small efforts every day. I kept trying, I never gave up and that is the only reason I fought all my battles bravely and was declared Victorious by my Gods.

I have felt the Divine. I have worshipped my God from a pure heart and he changed my life for Lifetime. The first Acknowledgement goes to my God “Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy” because he is the man who changed my life for a lifetime than my Dad and other family members. I have started my story only after I have thanked God.

When you read my book one thing is for sure you will get a close look at my mysterious life which sometimes leaves me clueless and I myself keep wondering what is happening around me. I am a total Bindass fun loving girl, that is the way I define myself but I had lost my happiness and have lived the worst phase of my life gracefully. I have got my happy days back and now there is no looking back. My life has got better and my understanding of life has improved and if you are someone who is close to me you will feel my energy and light. I spread happiness and my energy to people who are close to me and whom I love.

Sometimes your silence speaks louder than words and your feelings convey more than words. My book is a key from where you can unlock your own true potential which was locked and was waiting to be opened.

Yes, there is something more which I would like to say that Gods are reachable people. Just reach the divine with a pure heart that is filled with love. He will give you what is right for you.

I am happy and I feel blessed to pass on the message through my book to the entire Universe. I think big. It is not my country or your country. I personally believe that we all are one.

Read my book. Give your valuable feedback. Share the knowledge which you have gained with your friends and brighten everyone’s life.

Lots of Love to my Lovely Readers.

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