Love You Jindagi My Journey to meet Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Book

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My First Book

My first book “Love You Jindagi My Journey to meet Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy” will be published now. Just go grab your copy and read a thought-provoking Motivational Book by a “Motivational Speaker” who in spite of all challenges thrown by life never gave in, fought back and proved that when you are determined to get what you want, the whole universe just bows down to fulfill your wishes. In the Book, I have written about the journey of my life where I had to deal with multiple health problems like Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, my crashed world, and depression but I never gave in and challenged my challenges. I have proved to life that I am unbreakable. I have forgiven people who have hurt me to the core of my heart.

In the book, I have discussed How I reached the divine for help and the amount of comfort those heavenly beings provided me so that I could get my smile back. The weak-hearted give in to the situation, it is only the strong-hearted who have the courage to fight back. It is not that I never faced fear but I never gave in to my fears nor to the limiting beliefs of other people and made my life better with the help of the divine and my parents.

My book contains inspiration for everyone be it a housewife or working professional or youngsters. You will learn that your life is much better than most people and you will also be motivated to take some risks and check what works for you. Sometimes trial and error lead to great things. If you overthink you will be trapped in your own emotions and feelings which will be difficult to break. I am a spiritual person and if you are someone who wants to reach the divine through mantra meditation than you will get to read my own life story on how I started my journey to reach the divine and even experienced his presence by following simple steps.

After having encountered the worst in my life I never lost my happiness and even forgave people who had hurt me. When you will read my book you will know how easy your life gets when you forgive someone and leave them in the hands of God because he is the one who has the authority to punish people who have done wrong.

My divinely guided journey which I have mentioned in my book is more about you all rather than me because I know what role I have to play but my purpose in life will only be complete when you all join hands with me and make this earth a better place to live. It is our planet and it is our responsibility. My book is an eye-opener for those who think they cannot do big things then why do it. I would urge each one of you to play your best part even if your work does not get recognition. The universe is keeping a note of all your gook karma so just keep doing that and you will receive rewards in forms which you have never imagined.

I have seen death very closely and I know how it feels when there is a thin thread between life and death and a single missed breath can mean that the soul has left your body and you are dead. I have been given a second life by my divine so that I can live my purpose of making a change happen in the world before I die.

Life is beautiful only when you explore its beauty. I know it is difficult to keep calm and contain your anger when nothing is working in your life. In those moments of despair just keep going and complain less. You will see that you will make a new way and your whole personality will shine like a diamond which got converted into a precious stone from charcoal.

Live your best life and spread your light in the lives of people who need your helping hand so that they can make their life better by your mere presence. Even if you can make changes in the life of one person be happy about it because that changed person will now change someone else’s life and start the chain of change.

I hope I will see a new change before I leave this planet.

Read my book “Love You Jindagi My Journey to meet Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy” and make your life better by my motivational write up.

A big Thank You for all my readers who make my life better by being in my life and make their presence felt in one or another way.

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