Love You Jindagi - My First Book

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2020-01-23 15:33
My Book

Hello, my lovely readers. The journey of my life was a tough one and I have learned various lessons along the way. I have written my first book with the grace of God who is the source of my ultimate power on how I overcame all the challenges that life threw at me one by one and never gave in to situations when quitting life was easier than living it.

I believe that I am here for a very specific reason and I have to serve my purpose in this lifetime only. I will not get any second chance to come again and serve my divine purpose. This thinking is something that kept me going in all my darkest days. I had faith and I have faith in the divine, the supreme power who created me and gave me a second life that he will never leave me alone. I can feel the energy which is always present with me which motivates me and always whispers in my ears that the entire universe supports me and I am not alone.

My First Book, Love You Jindagi - My Journey to Meet Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy will be published in mid-February 2020. In my book, I have written about my early childhood where I had lived the best part of my life and how my married life, my health problems, and my Ex-Husband changed me as a person. My life had been full of challenges but then I never gave in and I have fought all my battles bravely.

When you will read the book you will be able to relate my journey with yours in some or the other way and it will uplift you in your dark days when you cannot see any light. My greatest motivators are my God and my dad who is always there with me. They never leave me alone even for a second and that is the only reason I could write something meaningful worth reading from where every person can learn and understand that when you make up your mind to face life head-on nothing can stop you and even God’s descend down from heavens just to be with you because he can see himself in you.

I have written about my spiritual awakening experience. The way my God (Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy) helped me in coming out of my depression when my husband left me all of a sudden. I have written in detail about how those divine beings can help you and when they find you to be suitable according to their needs, they even hand over their own work to you so that you along with him can achieve that single purpose for which you were sent on this earth.

I know my divinely guided journey had been pre-planned by the divine but it is only now that they made aware of it. I have written about it. But the best part is that those heavenly beings never complain and are always ready to help me.

There is a section where I have written about the diseases which I overcame and how those dark days carved me into a person I am today. I was never this strong, confident person before. Even my MBA degree did not teach me the lessons which I have learned from life. I simply don’t know whether I should complain or be Thankful to the divine now. Though I complained a lot before but when I look back at the past now, I feel that those challenges were meant to make me tough, strong and unbreakable so that I could do the work for which I have been chosen.

I personally feel I am the chosen one. My God speaks to me through feathers, numbers, my intuition and makes his divine presence felt all the time. His presence has made my life rich and I don’t know if others are as rich as I am with his divine grace.

I will post the link of the book when it is available for purchase. Read my book and give me your sincere feedback. I would love to hear from you all or I would say each one of you who takes his time to read my book.

Thank you all for being in my life and for making my life rich with your presence.

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