A life with Zero Limitations - Is it possible?

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Zero Limitations

Your life is your possibility. You define everything and you choose your life. Your life is only a one time chance so you have the power to choose which way you want to live. A life with zero limitations is a life where there are no limits to any part of your life and only endless possibilities. Yes, when there are possibilities you have the power to create, but when you declare something as impossible you cut your cord to your own creation. See there are various things which I too have no idea of but then I either try and explore the topic which attracts my attention on google or just sit with the topic and give it my thought. Either way, I try and understand the topic which catches my attention and does not leave my head. When there are zero limitations in life it simply means that there is only abundance, infinite abundance because it is difficult to define both zero and infinity and both fall in the same category. Now the concept which I am putting forth is absolutely my own creation. You have the option to agree with me or not because when I sit with a topic I just try to look beyond the possible. That is how I have trained my mind and it is the gift of “Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy - The man who changed my life for a lifetime”. I try and simplify things and do not complicate life.

When you take infinity you see a loop that starts and ends in the same place and you do not have an idea of its beginning. If you put one zero above another zero you will get infinity symbol which simply means that zero is also a part of the infinity or plays a role in defining infinity. Something which is infinite cannot be measured by a human mind because when human logic fails God’s logic starts. God’s logic is so encrypted that if you cannot find the right tool to decode the message properly nothing will be clear to you but if you decode one message correctly all the other messages will connect and you will yourself be able to connect all the dots backward. If you think you can then you can and if you think you can’t then you will never and either ways you are always tight. It is the choice you make in your mind for the future which you want to create or the present you want to live because the past is gone. The present moment which is yet to pass is the moment where you have the power to choose and live the life of your dreams and the future is something which will manifest when your dreams are conveyed to the universe by your right thoughts from a loving heart. Now let me discuss why I take the heart into account all the time and not the mind. See the person who applies too much logic cannot dream and when you cannot dream about something then what will you make true? Logic is good but then too much of it is not good is what I feel about it.

It is only when logic fails that all possibilities start. Now let me give you my own example here. I went to watch the movie “Pal Pal Dil ke Paas” today i.e 23th September 2019 at K Sera Sera after 3 years but I could not see the movie. I just can’t understand how the technical issue arose just for the movie which I chose to watch today. I cannot apply any logic to it but then this single event has opened up lots of possibilities in my life. I already told you that my God communicates with me. You take in whichever way you want. It is absolutely your choice. If you can feel my energy and my changed vibration then you don’t have any option but to believe what am I writing. You see when you cannot believe a reality it is always good to try and understand the energies of the other person. The energies never lie and that is the only reason we worship our God’s because their energy touches our soul. My God communicated with me that my life is going to change forever. He has communicated to me in all his encrypted ways and I have an idea of some major shifts which will happen in the coming days but then I don’t know a lot many things because he keeps a lot of mystery to himself. I could not watch the movie “Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas” today, now I will not take any initiative to watch this movie. Now it is God’s job to show me the movie. I also want to test my faith. Let’s see what happens. I couldn’t watch a movie which I waited for so long. I don’t look back and when he has played the prank then it is for a reason. Let's see what next.

Good things are in store for me and I leave all my decisions on him. I let my God decide for me since he will make the best choice for me. I know he also loves me much more than he loves himself and that is the only reason my neighbor took out time just for me to watch the movie though she had other works to do. When I am discussing life with zero limitations or a life with endless possibilities I want to say you have the power to create your life with your deep feelings which will create your reality. It is your heart that has the power to create anything because it is the seat of all emotions. The more loving you get or more clear your heart gets, you start manifesting good things into your life. The frequency of your vibrations increases when you are in a blissful and loving state. Your heart is not only the seat of all emotions but the seed of all creations. Where there is love there is God and where there is God there is fertile soil that has the power to create the reality which you want to live. It may sometimes so happen that you do your part of work and still cannot see any results, hang on things are manifesting in the background and will be shown in the forefront.

When your emotions to get what you desire in your life are deep you change your vibration to match what you desire to get into your life. Now see the best part is that when you feel deeply for something that thing has no other option but to manifest in your life and become your living reality. You will be guided by the universe and even supported as to what you should do to get your hearts desire. Have you seen people becoming Millionaires by hard work though they had nothing when they started their work? How this becomes possible? Ever thought on those lines. If not then start thinking. When you want something very deeply the universe catches your vibrations and guides you but then you have to transcend all boundaries and embrace the challenges which will help you in getting the reward for your effort. Everything is easy and the only thing is you should learn how to use it. I have used my deep feelings with faith and complete devotion to manifest my God “Sri Anantha Pamanabhaswamy” into my life or I would say he made his choice when he could feel my prayers. It is something which is not possible for everyone but then he is my living reality. I am someone who never accepts the other person’s possibilities as my own and I very well know what I can do when I want something in my life. I am someone who believes in endless possibilities and I try and think differently so that I can motivate others to create their best realities.

When you go looking for opinions every person will speak from their limited feeling, it is only when you stop doing that and have faith that you will be guided by the very source of creation, the universe will start communicating with you. Your life is a matter of your belief system. Your mind just acts as a servant which obeys the heart. Your own emotions have the power to create anything which you want. Check your feelings it is the very source of creation. Everything which exists in the universe exists within your body and if you understand your body or your own self or your own capabilities then you can create anything as the very source of creation is your heart or your feelings.

I hope you got my point. When I say that “Love is the most powerful force in the entire Universe”, do believe me. It is only because of my love for my God which got my prayers answered and the very source of creation manifested into my life. You yourself do not know the power of love. Create your life with endless possibilities and zero limitations. Manifest what you desire in your life as your living reality. Try and let me know your thoughts.

See you. Good Day with a Smiley.

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