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I want to change my Destiny - What is God’s Number?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2019-09-21 22:55
Gods Number

I think today’s topic is the most sought after topic. What do you do when you want to change your destiny. I have changed mine with the help of the divine and if you want to change your’s you can always take help from the higher powers. God will never deny you anything but then you should have the power to create a life that you want to live. When I was going through the worst phase of my life and could not contain my sorrows anymore and no advice could help me, there was only one person who could help me and that was none other than my God. So I reached out to her. Not only did she save my life but she gave me the biggest gift of a lifetime. In the year 2017, I did “Mantra Meditation” for 4 months. I have chanted the longest mantra “Swayamvara Parvathi mantra” for 4 months. The best part is I had no previous knowledge of chanting mantras nor did I knew how to pronounce the mantra correctly. It is a very long mantra and it needed to be chanted for 1008 times. There were various do’s and don’ts of mantra chanting but see I cannot survive on milk since I am allergic to milk nor can I survive on fruits or I will start facing hemoglobin issues. So what I did? I told you before my God always adjusts for me and guides me. People around me told me the consequences which I will face if things went wrong.

When I make up my mind to do something then I don’t look back. I will do it. I was not at all feared of the consequences. What could God do to me? Kill me? Fine, I was ready to die. No one can shake my determination to do a task with complete honesty because my God knows I try my level best. I never hide anything from them. Why should I? I was praying for my peace and I had full faith that I will get my peace and Goddess Parvati will give me peace. She is the one who completes Lord Shiva and has created the whole universe with her power. My heart knew if I pray with complete devotion my prayers will be answered. It was tough, very tough in the beginning since I could not pronounce the mantra correctly and on top of that it is a very long mantra, and you have to do 1008 chanting in one single sitting. I did not use a mala. I will tell you why? How do I keep a record of the number of chantings I have done? So guess what? I am a studious girl and my best companions are books, laptops, and notebooks, so I prefered a notebook. You see I bend the rules and even the gods don’t mind it. I took a Sankalp in front of Goddess Parvati and started my mantra chanting. It was she whose divine love for me kept me going. If I had problems she would help me. If I could not pronounce the mantra correctly she would ask me to try one more time and keep trying and never give up.

I don’t give up on anything easily. My dad asked me to stop doing my mantra chanting since it was something done by elderly people but when I had made a commitment to mother Parvati I could not stop. I am the kind of person who will not commit easily to things that do not appeal to me but if I commit then I will fulfill my commitment. My God helps me in doing that and this is something which my dad taught me. I told my dad that I will continue with my chanting. I started mantra chanting in Jamshedpur but then I traveled back to Nagpur and continued with my chanting. Since I could not concentrate on my work or anything else I just did mantra chanting and spent time with my neighbors. After I completed chanting 10,000 mantras I could feel a change in my vibration. My mental state got better, my life got better. I was coming out of a sad state of mind and entering a happy state of mind.

God is there and they love you much more than you think they do. I have felt a very bright light near me after chanting mantras for 10,000 times. That bright light was so bright that it could not escape my attention. I have felt God on various occasions but yes there is no denying to the fact that I have not seen them but they have made their presence felt to me. I did mantra chanting for more than 1,80,000 times and have felt Parvati maa presence on various occasions. God is there and they are reachable but you should be pure inside to attract purity from the cosmos.

I don’t know how you take it but my God’s love me a lot. Whatever I do I do it with a pure heart, pure mind, with love inside me and I hold no grudges for anyone. It is easy to reach God but difficult to cleanse your soul. Until and unless you clean your soul they will not listen to you. You cannot buy your God nor you can get their favors, to get their attention you have to fulfill certain criteria or else you will keep trying for a lifetime and nothing will happen. Even my dad gets amazed at my potential but then it is the gift of the divine to me. The source who created me and made me such so that I could stand as an inspiration for other people who do not try or give up very easily. God gave one life to live so give it all. Don’t fear what will happen? Things which have to happen will happen, let them happen. At least you will reach your grave in peace that you tried once. Whatever you do, do with a happy state of mind and with a pure heart then you will get it.

The biggest problem with people nowadays is that they think twice even before laughing that it may cause them pains later or they will catch the attention of the evil eye. Just forget the whole world out there. You live once. You die once then just live your life 100%. Live like a king and let the whole world get jealous of you. Forget them. If you love, love deeply, at least be true to your own emotions. God is present in everything which is deep and has the power to attract his attention. Why live a superficial life with all superficial love. Do not prove anything to anyone, just be yourself. Live your life, please do not spend time living someone else’s life. Be original. Life is a one time chance and it is the same as a mantra, if you realize it then you will experience the heavens and if you make mistakes then there is no problem adjusting with the hell, but then that does not mean that you do not give it a try.

I do all weird things and that is the only reason my Dad and my God love me because when they search their database they find only my name in their search list so they cannot take their eyes off me and I keep wondering what is happening in my life. Now, this is what happens when your God loves you, they will ask you to try new things and even hand over their own work to you because they feel you are the best person to take on their responsibility. You keep wondering what to do and they promise you their 100% help. You are still thinking what to do and they hand over a written document to you and even take your signatures and you keep wondering what is happening. It is the same as saying “I do” when getting married and you don’t know who is sitting on the other end, by the time you resume your senses you are declared married. Great na? This is what will happen when God loves you from his heart.

Now whom do you complain? The very source of creation is the one who has given you all the tasks. Come on live your life according to your terms and let the whole world wonder what this person is up to.

If you want to change your destiny then the heart is your phone and you dial any number from there you will connect to the right place because you see the Universe is never late. I heard these lines somewhere.

What are you waiting for? Just go and dial God’s number or else you may find him missing since I am going to watch “Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas” movie with him and my neighbor Aarti aunty most probably tomorrow in the afternoon i.e Monday in K Sera Sera Miniplex, Nagpur. If you pray during those times then he will not be able to attend any of your phone calls so try calling him later.

I have changed my destiny by reaching the divine and you all have the power to do the same so why not give it a try?

See you all. It is a Good day, after all, I am going to watch the movie whose song touched my soul.

Enjoy life. Good, Happy and Sweet Morning.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m