The Life Within

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2015-03-02 15:58

Every day is a miracle. God gifted us this life as Human Being so that we could do something for our own self and others. Life is a mixture of both pleasure and sorrows. We have to make a choice, where should we concentrate our mind whether on the greener side or the grey side. Every day which passes leaves a lesson for us to be learnt so that the next day is better than yesterday. We cannot live our life backwards but only forward so it is better we look ahead and plan rather than get sad about the grey side. Every day is a challenge and all challenges have to be surmounted to do something big and to create history. Remember people who did extraordinary work are from one among us but they did so because they concentrated on the do’s rather than the don’ts. They became extraordinary because they fought with the problems and rouse above them rather than giving in. There will be times when things won’t happen the way you have planned, everything would go negative, no one would understand you, you will feel like running away from everything or just ending your life. Its ok it happens with everyone. The stronger person holds on and the weaker gives in and that is the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. The more hardships you endure you get tougher from inside and though you may look fragile from outside but you are tough from inside.

You inner strength is very important and that is what is needed to get ahead in life. There will be many situations when you will have to stand alone with your decision and you may have to walk alone the whole path, those are the times when you need inner strength. Its you who knows yourself better so don’t get judged by people. Take your time to make a decision. Don’t enter a rat race because you will stress yourself more. For living life peacefully do what you love to do and put your heart and soul into it. You don’t have to compete and prove yourself. You just do your work and the world will know about it. People will give you an opinion and suggestions too, listen to them with an open heart but at the end do what you feel from inside. All big gurus will give big suggestions but at the end you will have to chalk out a plan which works for you. You need to mold the plan. Plan and work. Things may not work according to plan, don’t get sad its ok it happens with everyone. Think how smooth life would be if everything moved according to our plan. That smooth life would have got boring so some ups and downs keeps you moving. Live in harmony with your own self and nature. Kick the negatives out and concentrate on the positives. Life will take a U turn if nothing is working for you. Remember at the end of the day God is there with you and the creator will always help you find solution to your problems.

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