Learning innovation & Management from a 6 year old

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2011-06-11 13:20

I am sometimes amazed at God's creation but yes few things exist because they have to and that is their destiny. There is no end to creativity and innovation and we all are born with it. It is just over a period of time that we grow old and shut down our creativity and start thinking logically.

After a tiring day i just went out of my balcony to get some fresh air, that is when i saw management and creativity. Two boys almost 6 to 7 years old could not find anything to play and it seemed that they could not afford a bat and ball too. But their body language spoke that they wanted to play cricket as they were continuously gazing at the nearby playing team on the field. One of the boys got hold of a wooden stick which was lying on the ground and made it his bat. So now they needed a ball. They got hold of a thick plastic bag and filled it by blowing air through the mouth and tied the opening with a knot. This air filled plastic bag became their ball and the wooden stick their bat. They started playing and passer by were amused to see this scene. I was amazed to see their creativity and management to play cricket when they had nothing and how they utilized their skills and played the game by utilizing the available resources ( Plastic bag and wooden stick). Wow.

We too have to become creative and utilize our managerial skills in doing something fruitful, in solving our problems and living a stress free life. God gave every person a brain to think and make decisions but its we who keep on suppressing our real feelings and live in the virtual world with less emotions and creativity. Let us all unfold that part of the brain and become creative like these kids and learn from all happenings in our day to day life.

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