Learning the art of delegation and distribution of work for a healthy life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2011-06-18 12:09

I feel almost everyone delegates work which consumes their quality time and can be looked after by some one else. Business houses, employers, senior employees, children and house wives, all are really great at delegating work systematically. As an employer and CEO of VinayRas Infotech i had to delegate a lot of my work to be done by programmers or other data entry employees. I used to look after rest of the work which needed my skill and knowledge. It is always better to do the work which suits us and delegate the rest for which we can hire someone and pay an affordable price.

As i am also mother of a two and a half year old daughter i have to look after my house too. That is the time i realized that i was also delegating work at home so that there was work life balance and i was not overworked. I hired a house keeper for home cleaning, cooking, washing utensils and a washing machine to take care of dirty clothes. I was delegating work which did not need my attention and could be handled by someone else. That is the time i realized that a lot of people delegate their work load when needed. My two and a half year old daughter has learn t the art of management and delegation. Her only job is to play. Her food, clothing and schooling is looked after by me i.e her mom. She is rest assured that i am the right person for her to delegate her work. She will cry the moment she is hungry and knows that i will get her the best food. If she dislikes something she will order her next food but will not remain quiet until satisfied with the food and till her tummy is full. The same thing happens in our professional life. We keep on interviewing candidates till we get hold of the correct employee to do the job. We test them and then rest at peace when the candidate fulfills all our expectations.

Delegating is important but choosing the right person to do the job is also equally important. We just cannot put the burden on anyone and ask them to finish the work if he is incapable of doing it. We have to learn the art of assigning the job according to a person's interest. Assigning a work to an incapable person will be a bane as the whole work will suffer and company reputation will be hampered.

A single person cannot do every work and can never be a master of all trades. There are limitations. A plumber will do plumbing and we cannot hire a gardener to do the job. We have to hire the right person with required skills to do the job well to achieve positive results.

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