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Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2019-09-24 23:37

Hello, my lovely readers. In exploring the topic of Atmagyan-Knowledge of myself, I want you all to understand yourself better and live your life from a bigger perspective rather than looking at life from a limited one. You are much more powerful than your own thinking and perception but the biggest problem is you consider yourself as a normal human being with limited capabilities and you want some guruji to take you out of the darkness. If I say there is no darkness except the darkness which you have created within yourself because of your limited belief that you have limited capabilities. Even if you try to break yourself from your limited thinking others around you will not allow you to do that since this is programming which started late but has become prevalent now. But now I request you all to change your thinking and believe that you can create a life with unlimited possibilities. You can even change your destiny and get those things written in your birth chart which was never meant to be in life just because you understood yourself and transcended all boundaries which are applicable to normal human beings. I am expressing my thoughts further with my thinking that there is nothing that is much more powerful than your brain after your heart. You should feel happy from inside and be a state of complete bliss so that whatever you create becomes a masterpiece because when you work under stress you just do your job. Your mind is a powerful tool that can give you everything which you want and make you into whatever you want.

I hope you are getting my point. If not? Then let’s simplify things so that you can understand it. If you want to become an author and you do not have knowledge of how to start writing but deep inside of you there is only one desire to become an author then you will see that you will attract everything which will help you in becoming an author for example - books, Youtube videos, articles and people who will motivate you to start so that you can finish your work on time. That small seed of desire has the power to manifest itself in a grand form. The desire inside of you should not be a passing one but a committed one so that you hold your book in your own hands. When you understand the body within which you reside i.e your true soul than you can conquer anything on this earth. No weapon is much more powerful than your own thinking. You can create whatever you want just by initiating a thought process to which you have not applied too much logic. Sometimes it is good to be illogical. Do you think people who dream of fairies and white rabbits remain in the fantasy world? I would say No? Just think of a person’s capacity to take his imagination to the extent that it catches your attention and you are ready to pay for the movie tickets and watch complete fiction. Whatever it is we all love wild imaginations then why not become little imaginative.

When you believe that you can make something happen in your life then have faith that you have the tools inside of this to achieve your goals. You change your thinking and believe that it is your only reality then that will be your reality. Be happy in the new you, embrace the new you and love the new you. This new you is your only reality, cut all connections with the old self so that you can stay in this position and do not have the tendency to look back because you will face challenges and that tiny little voice will gain momentum and speak to you to stop exploring your new possibilities. It will ask you to get back on the same track since that same track is the comfortable one. When you become an explorer than real magic happens.

Now let me explain to you what happens when you change your thinking and believe that whatever you are thinking is your only reality then you activate a part of DNA that was lying dormant within you for years. See you all know that it is the DNA that decides the color of your eyes, your height, your skin color, your personality and more because those DNA gets expressed within your body. Now when you change your thinking than you activate a DNA within you that matches your thoughts. Every individual has DNA which is 100 % useful and no part of it is junk. Since you cannot understand your own DNA according to your limited logic does not mean that you should label some parts of it as junk. When you cannot understand something try to understand it. When you believe that you are someone with unlimited capabilities and you have true knowledge of self than the part of DNA which needs activation will be activated and change your frequency, since your DNA has changed you are no more the same person but a new you within the same body with a different mindset but then you should believe the reality which you want to create with full heart and soul so that you activate those parts of DNA just by your thinking.

Did you ever think how can a human being pull an aeroplane or let a car move over their body in a lying down position? Do they have superpowers and if they have them, then do you lack them? I want to say that you also have those superpowers which are lying dormant within you. When you think you can pull an aeroplane and believe that as your reality, then those feelings activate the DNA of strength within you which provides you with God-like power and you are able to do that with constant practice. You are a powerful being you just have to step further and take control of your life. Let your mind get imaginative and a little illogical. Now tell me can you apply logic to something which you cannot see like God but then you worship him and believe he is there. Start believing in things that you cannot see or let your mind get a little illogical. When you do so your body’s frequency changes and it activates the DNA which needs to be expressed.

Do not see life from a limited perspective but look at life from an unlimited perspective than you will be able to live a life that others dream of. Now my wish is to see everyone happy and fulfilled, you have the power to choose, just make a choice for a life which is still in your dreams. You have the power to create your dreams a living reality. When Walt Disney wanted to build Disney World, people laughed at him but then due to his constant efforts he could attract the right people in his life who made his dreams a living reality.

When you reach a dead-end in life and you do not know which way to go just spend some time there and have faith that a new path will open up for you. You will see that after the passage of some time something amazing happens. Now how is this possible? It is your thinking which attracts the right forces for help and the right person enters your life who helps you with the problem so that you can move further. Now, who is this person? That new person can be God himself who may be getting proud of his creation because someone like you dared to reach that point and left no option for him but to come here on this earth and make a new path for you by his own presence. Yes, such things do happen so try to understand your own self. Spend some time with yourself. Shut yourself down from your smart-phone and work and explore your inner world which has the power to create miracles in your life. Become your own oracle and decide your own destiny. Let God’s take some nap because he knows that you have grown smarter than your SmartPhone which has taken over your senses.

When you want to understand God try to understand yourself. The more you get clear of your own capabilities and broaden your thinking you will not only understand your true potential but you will also start understanding God and open those possibilities for yourself which was available only to the ancient old sages who lived millions of years ago.

You are your own creation. Take a rebirth within the same body in which the soul has grown multi-folds but you have made the decision to keep the same outer cover or else you will become a spirit and leave the earth plane. You are much more powerful than everything which exists in the entire universe because God created you in his own image. You have a part of God’s DNA so activate that DNA and live a happy fulfilling life. Learn, explore and share that knowledge with everyone. Do not think that someone will steal your information and add their name there. Have faith that what is owed to you will come to you. No one can deny you your destiny, not even God’s because they are the ones who wrote something in your destiny. So try and bring a positive change in the lives of as many people as you can by the work which you do. Even if you are doing God’s work it does not means you have to that for free. Take your charges but share your unique knowledge which will make the whole world a better place to live.

Spread your light and be the light and try to act as a light in someone’s life so that he not only remembers you but also carries your teachings ahead. When such a thing happens it simply means your purpose on this planet is achieved. Congratulate yourself for your achievement and celebrate with chocolate. It adds sweetness to your life and other’s life too.

See you. Good Morning. Have a great day.

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