I Have my own Choice

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2011-09-05 12:57

I was tempted to write this article today according to my own experience.
When we browse the internet or surf Google to find out stuffs we are searching for, we come across a lot many things. Some seems useful and others useless depending upon our level of understanding but that never means that the content which we find futile is the same for all. Every person reads things which they understand and find interesting. Every one has a different level of understanding and thinking. A single key word or topic gives thousands and lac's of results on Google. All may not seem different, there is some similarities in stuffs which we find online or different websites and authors have their own writing style. We read what we find appealing and worth reading. I sometimes questioned my self about my own writings. There are so many articles published online as well as books on articles which i have written who will come and read by blog www.rashmipriya.com. I gave a deep thinking and found that people who understand my writing and find the content useful will visit my website.

Every author or poet has a different style of writing. We like some and dislike others but that does not make the other authors less successful. Every human being on this earth has different tastes and that is the way the whole universe is surviving or all the business houses would have shut down. There are old books and new books which keeps emerging everyday. The new writer has to struggle and once he establishes his place in the hearts of the audience he becomes a hit. Few do not want to change taste and stick with the old ones but there are many who want to try something new and give others space. That is the way the whole world is running. It never means if some one has established a place and is sitting over it for a long time, he will still be there in the near future, the new generation will come and create their own space according to their own thinking but yes by proving themselves and not by tarnishing someone's image.

This is to motivate young trainers, authors, new student or any new employee who feels out of place due to seniors or other successful people in the industry. Stick to your work, do good work, prove yourself and you occupy the place which you always imagined. Remember ever person has a different choice and some day you will carve your own successful path and get your share of opportunities.

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