I am my own Limitations

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2016-03-05 19:17
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Did you ever ask yourself as to who is your limitation? Who tells you what you are capable or incapable of doing? Who guides you all the way so that you can be successful and keep going? My friends, it’s your mind which processes all the definite information and sets limitations not just for ourselves but for others too. I remember a very famous quotation here which says “Only those who risk going too far can probably find out how far one can go”. How far can you go? How far are you capable of going? How long is your journey? All the questions need to be answered by you.

Today I read about Johanna Quaas aged 86, who trains on the parallel bars is Guinness World Record: Oldest Gymnast of the world. There are so many people around us who really drag their lives and see this 86-year-old or I would say 86 years young lady who is the Guinness Record holder. At an age at which people stop setting goals and dreaming about their passion, this lady with extraordinary determination proved that age is only a number and not a limitation which stops us from achieving our goals.

I always say “Face your greatest fears”, let the fear know you are stronger than it. When you face it you get courageous and you don’t fear anything. I would define fears as an illusion which is set by our mind about something which may or may not be true and when we face the fear boldly, it is gone forever and ever. That way you also balance your Chakras of the body. We all have 7 Chakras in our body. All the 7 chakras have different spinning speed. The chakras are balanced when we face all the fears.

Let me ask you a question. Who sets my limitations? God? or My Mind? My answer is my Mind. My mind sets limitations on me, telling me what I am and what I am not capable of doing. My mind programs my body and tells it that there are limitations to myself and being. My mind tells me that I am a lady and cannot do stuff which a Man is capable of doing. My mind programs my entire body and makes me receptive to what I want to hear and listen to. With constant repetition, day in and day out, my body starts responding accordingly and starts setting limitations on our own self. People around us set limitations on us as to what I am or am not capable of doing. I have an option of either accepting or rejecting their opinions. I have the option of telling my mind that it is I who is in control of it and my mind is not controlling me. It is I who has to program my mind that you cannot set a limitation on me nor my planets can control me.

I have seen people making their predictions wrong just by increasing their frequency and connecting with the higher power. These are the ones who have altered their destiny. I would like to cite an example here - One of my dad’s students who studied in LL.B first year had a prediction that she will not do higher studies. But with her grit and extraordinary determination she enrolled herself in law and even completed the law studies with flying colours. Who changed her destiny? She changed her destiny by increasing her frequency with extraordinary willpower.

I would also like to give my own example here. I had to attend National Train The Trainer Seminar (NTTTS) at Jaipur, Rajasthan in the year 2012. I got a call from the National Headquarters of Junior Chamber International when my form was selected. I asked my husband to get the rail tickets done. He gave money to the agent to get the tickets done for me. One day before the day of departure my husband called the agent and he told that he will get confirmed tickets for me on the day of boarding. I went to the railway station and the agent told that he could not get confirmed tickets and he was sorry. My husband told me not to go to Jaipur since it was a long journey and how I would manage without a confirmed ticket. I was determined to attend NTTTS program. I told my husband let's see as to how I can solve things out. I boarded the train, left my 3 and half years old daughter with him. I met a person whom I knew from a different chapter of JCI. He helped me out. His student was travelling in the same train and I managed to sleep with his students mom. I reached Jaipur. I did not sleep well and had little time to sleep in between 3 and half days program since there was lots of assignments and preparation which had to be done. But then I cleared NTTTS with flying colours and slept on my way home on the train. I cited my own real life example so that you too can know that when you don’t put limitations on your own self you can do anything just anything and create history.

Break your barriers, set yourself free, break your inhibitions and break free from all limitations which are stopping you from achieving your goals and is keeping you away from your success. Program your mind and tell it that it is you who is controlling it.

Come on do it. Break yourself free from all LIMITATIONS.

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