How to look Young and be Healthy at the age of 37?

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Rashmi Priya

Hello, my wonderful readers, it gives me immense pleasure to connect with you all after a long time. I really took a long break from writing. But now I am back to writing and sharing with you all. Thanks for your patience.
I am 37 years old or I would say 37 years young. I am sharing some of tips and tricks which I follow every day to look young and be Healthy. I am also a mother of 9 years old daughter. First and foremost thing to maintain good health you need to have good physical and mental health. Good health is more of an inward journey rather than an outward one. People who look young and half their age are the ones who take care of what to eat and how much to eat. I would say when you want to look young and be healthy at the same time you need to work on your own self. Beauty parlors can just work on the outside and things on the inside will remain the same. You will get some glow on your face for say 15 days but after that, it will be same again but when you eat right and exercise you will enjoy the glow on your face for a lifetime.
People compliment me for a glowing skin and good health. And I have worked hard for it. It is not just one day work but it took years for me to get into good shape and look glowing. I love living my life from the heart and keep myself stress-free as much as I can. This helps me since the smiles on my face do not build stress lines which are visible in the face of any person of my age. I am what I am on the inside and outside. I forgive and forget people more often than hold on to grudges and revenge. Sometimes it is difficult to forgive people who have hurt me to the core of my heart but then I try and do not leave things hanging. I believe in healing and leave no open wounds. It is better to close the open wounds that way it hurts less. I am an outgoing person and speak my heart out and do not leave anything inside. But if there are situations which I cannot control and still have pain inside of me. I just cry to my heart's content and let everything out so that I am mentally free and there is no pain left on the inside of the past hurt. Life is so much more than a bad past experience. Be happy and share your happiness with the whole world.
I love what I eat and I am in a happy mood when I eat so that all the nutrients in the food gets absorbed properly by my body. If you take your meals in a stressed or bad mood the food which you eat will just fill your tummy and will be of no good to the body. The first thing which I do when I wake up the morning after Nature calls and brushing is my Yoga. Sometimes I do yoga after I have completed making breakfast. For doing yoga you need to have an empty stomach. So please do not try to do yoga just after meals. You can do yoga after 5- 6 hours after having your meals when your stomach is empty. I do Kandharasana, Chakrasana, and paschimottanasana for complete one hour. I do have time and do that but when I am very busy I do yoga for half an hour but I never skip yoga until and unless I cannot fit it in my schedule. I am a fitness freak and I love being healthy and young.
I eat my lunch and dinner after a light breakfast. I do not skip meals. I eat dal, roti and any green vegetable for lunch, for dinner I eat roti and any green vegetable. I love drinking juices which have been made at home by me. I love eating apples when it comes to fruits. I include fresh spices in my kitchen for cooking. I do not buy powdered turmeric from the market but I get them grounded because that way all the essential oils needed for our good health has been retained in the turmeric. Turmeric has got lots and lots of healing properties. Turmeric takes care of all inflammations of the body and is also called the golden herb. I love eating ginger and garlic and add it to almost all the vegetables I cook at home. Eat fresh food when it comes to maintaining good health and this is a lesson which I have learned. Stale food does no good and just fills your tummy. I know there are busy moms but I would say learn to cook something which is fast to cook and also healthy at the same time. There are so many food cooking tips available online, use them.
Take proper rest. I know how difficult it gets to take rest when you are suffering from some kind of stress or any disease but then try it out. I just want to say try to sleep for complete 6 hours. When you try you make things happen. Get out of the habit of complaining. I would say stop complaining and start doing. when you complain about your busy schedule and disease you are giving yourself an excuse. Do not give yourself excuses. Program your mind to get out of that excuse mode and start doing things. Once you follow these easy and simple steps you will see compliments pouring from your near and dear ones about your figure and the young glow on your skin.
It is very easy to look young. Do not apply harsh chemical make up on your face. And if all needed then learn how to take it off properly. I never apply any makeup on my face. At times I use lipsticks and kajal. That's it and I am done. No foundation and no power packed mineral and vitamin creams. I believe in natural beauty and not plastic beauty. I love myself. I love the way I look. Beauty starts from your own self. Love the skin you are in and also love your overall personality. Only when you start loving your own self first then only you can expect love from others. I love wearing what looks good on me and I know how to carry myself. I do not take other people’s opinion or judgments but yes I do patiently listen to them and include only those which appeal to me.
I am what I am and I love myself my way.

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