How to be the best Soft Skills Trainer ? and earn credibility on the world Map

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2011-06-18 12:54
Soft Skills

A soft skills trainer is the person who enhances communication, personality, language and other social traits of a person. There are thousands and lac's of soft skills trainer but all are not popular and credible. There is a small chunk who is doing wonders and has established credibility. There are trainers who have a long list of degrees but do not know how to teach and conduct training sessions successfully. Mere degrees will not determine success of a trainer in the long run. It is the skills set which matters. A trainers credibility is not measured by the number of grey hairs on his head but how effective he is in delivering a successful training program when compared to others. What is that quality in him which binds the audience which others miss.

Here i am listing skills which should be present in a soft skills trainer to be successful -

1)Grab Attention – The trainer should be able to grab attention of the audience and should make them comfortable. If the audience is not attentive and their minds wander here and there the training program is going to fail. For success of a program the instructor should know how to bind his audience with his knowledge, humor and anecdotes.

2)Knowledge – The trainer should have vast knowledge of the subject he is going to teach. The home work should be done well. He should have the capability to make his point of view understandable to the audience.

3)Humor – The person conducting the program should have an idea of the amount or humor to be used in the program and the timing should be perfect. The same concept of humor cannot be applied to all training programs and audiences.

4)Credibility – Establishing credibility is an important aspect in the world of training. If you are not credible no one will listen to you. A person can establish his credibility by being the best at what ever he does and making a good presence on the world wide web.

5)Helpful Nature – A trainer should posses a helpful nature so that others approach him for help and he is known in the friend circle. This in the long run yield fruitful relations which brings work to the trainer.

6)Innovative – It is very necessary for a soft skills trainer to be innovative as he cannot teach the same stuff again and again, years after years. He should be ready to change and adjust to the new environment and technology, should be ready to change his teaching and presenting styles according to changing times. I have seen people sticking to the same style and expecting the same outcome of training which they got years ago. Be innovative.

7)Ready to change – A lot of trainers are not ready to change themselves with the new circumstances and changing mentality of new age audience. This results in their failure. But those who have changed their mindset are reaping profits and are really successful in their work.

Taking care of the above mentioned points will increase credibility of a trainer and will help him known globally.

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