Half done is as good as not done

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Half Done Work

How many of you are in the habit of leaving things in the middle before it is complete? I know there are many. If you are one of them who gets bored easily and have the habit of leaving things in the middle then you will never reach your destination. A journey or goal needs a start and end point. If there is only a start point and no endpoint even the journey won't lead anywhere. When you start work it is your duty to complete it. If you start enthusiastically, feel bored in the middle and leave the work in between so that you can concentrate on something else then it is wrong because the person who takes charge of your left out work in the midway has to understand it and then complete it. People always remember those who complete their work. The outcome which you create by your work when it is complete is as important as the initiation. I know there are times when you are hesitant whether you should start something or not. When you have started the work be confident that you will complete it. Losing interest in the work and leaving it in the middle is of no use because you have wasted so much time and energy in your preparation before you finally implement your ideas. If some problems arise and you are not able to overcome it, you may feel disheartened or feel like leaving everything half done and do something else. Do you know the times and energy you have wasted in doing the current work is something which you cannot get back? When you start new stuff you have to start from scratch and there is no guarantee that the same problem which you faced earlier will not repeat. It may so happen that you may get stuck in the same place once again and then you have no option but to complete it.

Let me give you an example - A movie which is half done cannot be released and so the movie makers cannot make any money. If they have to make money then they have to complete the movie so that they can release it in theatres. If the directors and producers of the film leave it midway then it is as good as not done because now they cannot make money with half done work. See the very idea of completion is a great thing. Anything which is half done cannot survive in the market and is bound to fail. If you are a person of success then you have the habit of completing your work. You cannot eat half cooked food, the same way you cannot enjoy glories of success with half done work because it will lead you nowhere. When you go to attend a meeting then you have to be present till the end so that you can understand the matter in discussion. If you leave in the middle then you will have half knowledge of the stuff which was discussed and with this limited knowledge, you are bound to commit mistakes so it is always good to wait till the end so that you can understand the whole idea clearly. If you are busy and have to leave in between so that you can be present somewhere else then make sure to collect all the details of the meeting later from a responsible person.

If you work with half the knowledge then you are bound to fail because you have to do your homework fully before you can guide someone to success or be successful yourself. You will come across many people who are super smart and intelligent but are not successful. When you go and find out the reason then you will see that these people could not concentrate on one thing so they left in the middle and jumped from one idea to another before they were a total failure. Just having a good intellect will not do, you should have the sincerity to complete the work which you have started even when you no longer feel like doing it. Those who have reached the pinnacle of success are the ones who have persevered and found a path when others would have quit and left everything in the middle. Half completed portrait cannot be sold in the market, in the same way half completed work cannot be delivered to the client. If you want to build credibility in the market then you should learn the habit of completing the work which you have started, be it painting, writing, a project or just anything. Your credibility is in danger when you leave half done work and repeat it “N” number of times.

So now you understand that “Half done is as good as not done at all”. Now the biggest question is how to get rid of this habit? You have to learn patience and dedication because when you learn to patiently keep on doing your work even when you can’t see results is a great thing. You will not get instant results and you have to persevere and keep on moving forward even when you feel like leaving it midway. This very habit will help you tide over difficult times easily and you will learn the art of going even when you face failures and feel like quitting midway. Learn all the nuisances of your work so that you get more and more interested in whatever you are doing. Ask for help when needed and try to see the bigger picture rather than the current smaller picture. You should be able to see the future in front of your own eyes. Sometimes everything which you are doing may go according to plan and rest of the times just the opposite happens. These are the times when you feel stuck and feel like quitting midway. The best thing to do in these circumstances is to keep trying again and again so that you get your interest back to it. If you stay away from what you want to complete you will never be able to do so, it is only when you spend more and more time with whatever work you want to complete that it is going to finish.

Only thinking will not do, you have to actually sit down and complete whatever you have started. You have to be practical and not theoretical. You may complete everything in your head but it is only when you start doing the work that you understand the actual problems. Keep yourself motivated and have the self belief that you are a capable person with the right knowledge to complete the work. If you think you are inefficient you will never be able to complete the work. Have faith in your abilities and learn what you need to while you are still focused on your work. This way you will enhance your skill set which is needed for completion of your work.

Be confident and just do it. Please do not leave anything midway because “Half done is as good as not done”. I hope you all will keep this in mind so that you can prosper in life.

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