Habits of highly Successful People

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Successful people

A Habit is something which we do every day and get used to doing the same thing the same way. Habits can be both good and bad and it is you who decides in which category you want to place everything you are used to doing. Habits are not formed in a day, it takes months to develop a habit. And it takes months to break a bad habit or a habit which you want to change. There are few traits which are common in highly successful people and if you have to be one among them you have to develop some of those habits too. Read any newspaper, article, magazine or books, you will see that the people who are at the top have some or other thing in common though two people may not match in everything they do. They have their own way of doing things and living life.

Successful people have the habit of doing their work on time and not procrastinating. They will do their work in spite of everything else and that is their first priority. They have developed the habit or trained their mind to do what they are determined to do in spite of all problems. Everyone has problems but if you want to break the clutter you have to rise above them and do what you are meant to do at that moment. I know it is easier said than done but try once and it will become your habit. Make that little extra effort and it will really pay off in the long run. Walk that extra mile and do not be satisfied with just good but do your best every time and don’t bother what others are doing. Your goals are different, you are different and so the work which you will do will also be different. Do not be one among the herd be unique.

Stop looking for excuses. Once you start finding an excuse in everything you do. You are just stopping yourself from doing your best by excusing yourself every time you are defeated or could not deliver up to the mark. Stop saying “ I could not do this because I had so and so problem”. Find out a solution and start saying “I will do this in spite of all the problems”. You will encounter “N” number of problems every day and sometimes you will not have any solutions to many of them. Stop banging your head. Solve those which are within your ability to solve and let the rest go. You will be able to find solutions to those unsolved problems in the coming days.

To be successful, you need to be at peace with yourself. Get your peace by worshiping God, listening to calm music, yoga, exercises etc. Check what gives you peace and do that. When your mind is cluttered, spend some time with yourself and declutter your mind. Start working and get back your rhythm. Life will throw hurdles on your ways and at times you may lose your sanity, but hold on, the best is on its way and is coming. Do not lose your heart, keep trying.

Be where you want to see yourself in the near future and plan for it but do not forget to live your present. The past is gone and is history, the future is yet to come. The only thing which you have it today. Carve your present and build your future. Whatever you do today at every moment will build your tomorrow. If you want to see yourself at the top, start working for it today. Do not think you will work when the time will come. That best time will never come and you will spend your life living in mediocrity. When you utilise every minute of your day to get what you want in the future you are destined to get it.
I always say why waste time, spend your 24 hours in the best way. Just sit with yourself and check how much free time you have and then decide what you can do best which will attract what you want in the near future. That way you will find your best answer and you will even start working for what you want. Sometimes I too face the problem of total mental blockage and cannot decide what to do. But then what I do is just sit at my place of work and things really start flowing and falling at the right place. Everyone encounters problems and its is ok if you too are facing it.

If you want to be a successful writer or soft skills trainer. You have to get into the habit of writing before you are proficient with your writing skills. Get into the habit of reading as much as you can. The field of writing or training is a very creative field and to get new ideas you should be a voracious reader. Observe people, study them, check what they do and you can learn a lot by just watching them. You get so much to learn from your surroundings but only when you get interested in the outside world and come out of your own closet.

Technology is there to help us do good work. It makes our work faster. Do not waste your time with it. Everything new which is out in the market may not be needed by you. Decide what to adopt and what to leave. Concentrate on your work, your life, your goals that way you will be guided in the right direction. Because goals are like lamps burning bright all the time and you have to reach them to get that light. You will reach them once you fix your gaze on it. The path may be longer or darker, but you will reach that burning lamp because you are focused on reaching it. I always tell people to concentrate on what they want. Once you know what you want you can focus on it with all your might and make your dreams come true.

Desires will never come to an end. When you have one, you will desire for another and when you have another, you will desire another and it will go on and on. Keep a check and ask yourself what is it that I actually want. You will get your best answer. Move on. People who are at the top are always on the go they will never sit and rest because one goal is achieved and they have time to plan another one. They achieve one, plan another before the completion of the first one and are always on the move. Do not stagnate at your failures or success, you will rust and others will move ahead of you. Success and failures are the just outcomes of your work. Life is a journey, move on. Enjoy the journey. Reach one destination and move on to the other. The journey of life is great, full of experiences where you laugh and cry but then that is what is life.

Sit with yourself and decide what you want and work with your full heart and soul to get that. When you work towards your goals with full faith, determination, dedication and honesty you are sure to achieve it. So now you know what makes a person successful. Move ahead and get successful. Write your own success story.

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