Effective Public Speaking – Need of the hour ?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2011-05-10 13:41
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I am happy the way i am why do i need to learn Effective Public Speaking? What difference it will make in my life ? Why do i work hard to change myself ? There are many people who are successful with or without some qualities but that never means that we cannot learn something new. We can impress someone with our first look, effective communication, gestures and voice modulation. These can create wonders when we know how and when to communicate. Many of us give presentations and are given public speaking opportunities but we fail to create that impact, Ever asked yourself why ? What is it that i lack ? And what are the qualities of best speakers ? There are many who are self learners but rest needs training and after training they do a marvelous job.

According to me everyone should master over the art of Public Speaking so that they overcome their stage fright and gain confidence by speaking again and again. We want our speech to touch the hearts of the audience and it is only possible when we know the art of preparing and delivering speeches. I believe that delivering is as important as preparation. If a speech is well prepared but the person delivering the speech lacks the punch then whole preparation is just waste of time. So the question is how to create the punch ? Create the punch by voice modulation, non – verbal communication and eye contact.

I never knew the art of Effective Public Speaking and never realized its importance till one day i was asked to deliver a speech and no one listened to me. I promised myself that this will not happen again and i will improve myself so that the audience listened to me. I read books, listened to Youtube.com videos and listened to all great people delivering speeches. I took help from trainers and now i have improved. My participants love hearing me and no one gets bored. I know how to deliver and am learning and improving every day.

I want everyone to master the art of speaking in public so that they come out of their cocoon and tell the whole world what the are by communicating effectively. There are many who don't know how to hold the mic or when to pause and which language to choose for expression, this leaves them nervous and makes them a laughing stock but mastering the art of speaking will help them gain their confidence and shine in public.

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