Define your Life and Give it your Best Shot

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2017-11-27 16:37

God gave us this wonderful life to live and make our destiny. I would say there is no binding as to why we cannot live a life of our dreams. I know there are people who have “N” number of excuses as to why they could not do what they had planned to do. The real reasons being family problems, lack of time, no money etc. I know it gets tough at times to cope with your dreams as well as family. But there are people who have achieved their dreams after they got free from family and pursued their dreams. We have this one life and we should not just spend it. Have a dream, have a goal, do something with your life so that when you leave this place you have a contentment in your heart that you did something which you loved. Let not success or failures define your dreams. You just keep trying and give your best and leave the rest. There are so many people who tried hundred times before they were successful. Don’t give up. Keep trying. Let no failures take away the pleasure of trying once more. Try again, and again and again till you open the doors of success for yourself. You just have to be right one time to get successful and when you get success, you get recognition. Do not worry about money. Concentrate on doing good work, money will flow.

You know your self-worth much more than anyone else. Let not others define you. You define yourself with the best definition of life. Your looks don’t matter, your educational background does not matter and your family background does not matter. What matters is your dedication, commitment, discipline and honesty towards your dreams. You can cheat the whole world but at the end of the day, you know what you did. Work hard for yourself, you do not need to prove anything to anyone. Others will know when you will get your glory. I believe in doing the best. I keep trying. I know how difficult life can get at times. In those depressing moments, I take a break, look inwards and then get back to work once again. These low or depressive phases can last for months and can leave you wrecked. It is ok. It is life and nothing comes with a guarantee. Sorrows, pains, and happiness come and goes. Do not leave your dreams in the middle just because you found it difficult to cope with your problems. Come out of your shell and start again. Keep trying, keep doing and keep improving. Work daily so that you get better with time. Get into the habit of reading so that you increase your knowledge. Learn new things. You just have to pick what fits you and then move on.

I am a Writer, Softskills Trainer, and Motivational Speaker. I have lived a challenging life. I have learned my best lessons from life and I would say it is my life which has coached me and made me learn so many things. I have overcome my own health problems like Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Severe Pre Menopausal Syndrome, and Depression. I have gone through hell. I have overcome all these health problems and pain just by my extraordinary determination. I do not give up on things easily and I never let others define who I am? I know myself much better than anyone else. It is me who is with myself 24 hours in a day so I know myself the best but yes I like feedback and keep improving. When I am Mad about something I get it. Get mad about your dreams. Do not let others set boundaries for you. Do not let your age set boundaries for you. Be young in your heart and feel eager to do something. You should have that inner drive to achieve your dreams. That inner drive should be so much that it should motivate you to just go in the direction of your dreams. Have faith every other thing will fall in the right place.

I really get motivated when I read how people in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s get mad about their dreams. A feeling comes when they can then why not me. These people act as a source of motivation and inspiration for me. I know people will sometimes say why you need to earn money you have your husband who is earning enough especially when you are a lady. Then In-Laws and hundreds of other questions. I know I have myself gone through everything. To be very free and frank I could never answer those questions of my In-Laws and they were never satisfied with me. There are some ladies who are happy being a homemaker. I respect them because it is their choice but that cannot be everyone’s choice. Let not other’s choices bog you down. You have a life of your own. You cannot change others mindset and mentality. Let others pour their suggestions you just concentrate on your own stuff. Keep doing what you love doing.

Just don’t give up even if you cannot devote lots of time to your dreams. Keep doing little by little and those tiny steps matters. One day when your work gets the recognition the people who have been backbiting will get tongue-tied. I believe in letting my work speak for myself. Even if I am the best and cannot deliver the best it is useless. When I am the best and I can deliver the best then only it matters. You will meet people who will exaggerate your work and give you lots of compliments. Do not inflate your ego. Just be down to earth. You need to keep your ego in check and let it not control your mind. I have seen people reaching the pinnacle of success and falling badly from there. Be humble, be approachable, be down to earth. Give respect to get respect.

What you give comes back to you. Life is simply great. The laws of Universe are great. When you get focused towards what you want your mind sends those messages to the universe and I would say everything supports you so that you can get successful. I am “Me” and not “You”. I know myself, my capabilities and my shortcomings much better than others. Others know me from my projected self. Live such a life that others want to be like you. They take you as a Role Model and tell their kids to learn from you. This is what I think about my definition of life.

Give your Life the best definition. Do not get satisfied with anything less than the best. Give your Life the Best Shot. Be the Best. You are the Best creation of God.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m