Dare to become an Women Entrepreneur

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2015-12-25 11:22

The Year 2015 is coming to an end and so are the worries. We all are ready to welcome New Year 2016 with open arms. I wanted to end this year on a happy note and ignite the spark in some ladies who are preparing to start something of their own this new year. I am writing this article for all those souls who waited long enough and have gathered courage to take 2016 head on. The journey of lady is a different from that of men. We are the ones who build homes, become a mother and look after our babies. We take a break from our work and some even leave their careers just for their families. There are some ladies who take a break from their career but still have that burning desire within them to do something along with raising their kids who needs them the most.

I am a mother of 7 years old daughter and here i am sharing my example because i took a long break from my career just to nurture my only daughter. Since we are a nuclear family and do not have anyone at home to look after her i had to plan my career keeping in mind all my responsibilities. My husband is a person who is wedded to his work so i have to build my career and my daughter’s career. I am sharing my experience since many of you ladies have the same problem but then if you have that spark within you, i swear you can do anything. The whole world out there will help you. Just do what you want to do. Have courage and do what you have not yet dared to do before. While i was nurturing my daughter i took to writing and worked from home. I developed a passion for reading and used to read as much as i could. In my free time i was never hooked to the television but to my work. I had health problems too but that never decreased the spark in me.

I know there are “N” number of examples where ladies have walked out of their closet and done great work. Many of us sacrifice our life for others but i really want to tell all women that you can make others happy only when you are happy. If you are someone who wants to become an entrepreneur and still lack the courage to start something of your own then i just want to tell you, just go ahead and start doing on what you want to do. No one can stop you from moving ahead in life if you show your genuine desire and let everyone around you know who you are. Start small or get your business financed. Make a blueprint of exactly what you want to do and how you want to go about it. Start working in the right direction and you will see things happening. Sometimes you will have to wait longer than you ever thought you have to, but don’t lose hope, things will work. You keep working on your dreams in the background. Have patience, it always pays off in the long run. Do not bother what others will think or what others will say or how much support you will get. Do just because, you want to do and you have the courage to do it in spite of all the fears. I remember a good quotation by Bethany Hamilton “Courage doesn't mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop”. Do not let the fear of the unknown stop you from doing what you want to do. How successful you will be in the near future cannot be predicted today by anyone, not even you so why waste time in banging your head and think what if i lost everything. Try again and again and again till you have tasted success. Do not keep failure as your option. Your only option is success and you should not settle down with anything less.

I have seen lots of people not doing something just because they think so many people are doing the same thing then it is not necessary for me to join the masses. Such and such person is not successful then how can i be successful with limited knowledge of my field. You are unique, you are different, Just believe you can and write your own success story.

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, just do what you believe in. People around you will complain but then it's ok, you have to devote time to your dreams and work on it. You too as a lady have a life of your own. Do not cage yourself in your children or husband’s desire. Tell them about your dreams so that they know about your goals. They may or may not support you at the start but as you start rising they will be the ones who will congratulate you on your success. You know yourself much better than anyone else in this whole world. Many times you will have to prove yourself to so many people if you are married with kids, it's ok get used to it and simply do what needs to be done in the background. You as a lady is not here on this earth just to fulfill other's desires but yours too. You have a life of your own and have your own individuality. If you are looking for some motivations. Search Google and see how many ladies have broken so many barriers and gone out of the way to fulfill their dreams. It will help you in realizing your dreams too. Take a photo printout of these successful ladies and paste them somewhere you can see. It will help you in your daily motivation to give your best to your dreams. Read motivational quotations. Read books like Unbreakable by Mary Kom and Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton. You will find out how much these women have struggled for the realization of their dreams.

Don’t complain, just dare and do. If you are someone who has waited just for the best time to start something then i would request you to start. This New Year 2016 is the best time. Go, shed your inhibitions, prepare yourself and write your own success story. The problems at the start of entrepreneurship may be many. It’s OK. Learn and grow. No one knew everything at the start, everyone learnt everything one by one. Climb one step at a time. Meet people from your field, join groups and learn as a much as you can. Remember not to lose focus of what you want to do. You may encounter “N” number of problems, you will be forced to take a backseat. It happens with everyone so if something like this happens with you. Do not lose your heart. Be strong from inside and do what needs to be done for your success all the time. Keep your eyes glued to your goals. The intensity within you for the realization of your goals should be so strong that no amount of failures or problems should be able to break you. If you can stand tall in adversities you are the one who has learnt the perfect lessons to be successful. Get thick skinned because people around you will pour all their suggestions on you. You do what your gut feels is right. Prove the whole world wrong but no need to speak. Keep quiet, your work will speak for you.

Rise and shine brightly by realizing your dreams this 2016. As i am writing this article i too have started working on what needs my attention this new year 2016. How new i want my new year to be. What all things needs to take a backseat and what needs to be addressed at the forefront. what is important, who is important and to what extent i will go for the realization of goals of becoming a full time soft skills trainer and writer.

Be stubborn, be mad about your dreams. If you want something, you want it at any cost. And if you want it with your full might, no one can stop you from becoming a successful woman entrepreneur.

I remember a quotation here “When you want success as badly as you want air, then you will get it. There is no other secret of Success”. When failures come your way ask yourself have you worked hard enough. You will realize that “No”, you need to work harder. Keep working, keep walking ahead for the realization of your dreams. Happy New Year 2016.

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