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Nurture the delicate heart and win their trust

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2012-05-30 11:34

Every time i see my child i ask myself the same question, Have i given enough time to my child ? In the fast moving scenario, with growing responsibilities and so much work load we find it difficult to share quality time with our child. There is a difference between staying together in the same house with kids for 8 – 10 hours and spending quality time with them. I can be at home doing office work or just watching television. That is not quality time, quality time is just being with the child and concentrating on him/her. Playing, spending time together or watching movies. Nowadays children are raised in nuclear family and the joint family culture is almost fading with the passage of time. The child feels very lonely and hence is more prone to depression. Get hold of the news paper and you will read about a suicide, the age group is mostly 10 – 20 years. Such tender aged kids taking such an extreme step.

A child needs love, care, affection, time and a friend. Though we read these things everyday in news papers and magazines but when it comes to actual implementation we forget them. We purchase costly gifts for our child on birthdays and sometimes compensate them for our time by giving surprise gifts. But what we forget is the child actually needs our time along with love and care we show them. It is very important to communicate with your child because small heart breaks can lead to long term depression and the child may need medical help. When we communicate with our child very often they open up and share their thoughts. At that time we need not get judgmental and scold them for doing something wrong but stay calm and tell them what is right or wrong. Our sudden reaction will take them away from us and we as parents might get alienated from their world. Children live in the world of fantasy and we need to make them more practical. When ever you see a Television Commercial performed by professional stunt men. You see a warning displayed for children, not to try them at home as these stunts are performed by professionals.

We as parents need to hold the hands of children and make them aware with the real world and be with them as their best friend. I remember my daughter used to communicate with me after she was born but i could not read her signals, it was my husband who understood her signals and he was the first who understood what she spoke. My daughter called Papa more often then she called Ma. He is very close to her. He even took a break from work just to be with her in her growing years. My daughter is three and a half years old now and she communicates everything. Previously i thought she spoke something which made no sense. But when i tracked what she spoke she made a lot of sense. She wanted me to hear all her talks. She is very talkative and expresses herself very clearly.

Any word which we speak as parents has a lot of impact on our children. Be it a positive word or a negative word. If you always scold your child you will see them growing more stubborn and violent. But if you talk with your child and communicate what is right and what is wrong they respond very well. Children listen more of the word “NO” then the word “YES” and hence their mind grows in that direction. With proper communication we can really mold the thought process of the child. It is never too late to try something new. At last it is the matter of our child's future. Let us communicate and take care of those delicate hearts.

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