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Every company wants to sell its product and make profits but the process of sales is not that easy. Let us discuss all innovative measures brought in the sales process to sell a product.
What is Sales ? It is the process of selling our product to the customer by convincing him that the product will add more value to his life than the amount he is paying for it. For example – The Ponds age miracle advertisement which shows that a lady should start using Ponds age miracle after the age of 30 to fight signs of aging. In the advertisement it shows how a lady using the cream is benefited by it than the one not using it. It is creating a market for its product and is convincing ladies to start using the anti- aging cream before one starts aging. And the benefits associated with the product is great. This advertisement is really catchy. It is delivering a message and promptings ladies to maintain a budget for beauty creams. It is changing “ Want a Product “ to “ Need a Product”. It means a lady should start using the a particular cream to remain beautiful after a certain age.

This is absolutely a new concept because when Wants changes to Need then it becomes a necessity. Necessity is included in monthly budget. Selling process which was applied in 19th century cannot be applied to 21 st century as now a days customers are more informed and knowledgeable. Thanks to internet. So selling to a knowledgeable customer is a tough job. The strategy which will be applied for selling a product to this customer will be absolutely different i.e by studying his mindset and working accordingly. Same approach cannot be applied to all customers as we say in soft skills training “ Different strokes for different folks “ , it is very true here.

Every customer has a different reason for buying a product. For example i need a water purifier to stay healthy but some one else needs a water purifier to get clean water during rainy season, the other person may need it because his children fall ill too often from drinking direct tap water. So here every person has a got a different need and express the desire to buy a water purifier. There are “N” number of water purifiers in the market so which to buy. The one which is known to all will be a good option. I would like to cite my own example here. I never knew any water purifier other than Aqua Guard so i would recommend others to use it and not refer any other product. Thus Aqua Guard established a big share in the Indian market. Then Kent entered the market and brought a innovative concept of mineral RO mean it will retain vital minerals along with pure water. This was a new concept and people started buying the product as it told its customers just purification of water is not important it should have other benefits too. So the customers wanted to experiment with it.

Thus just launching a product will not lead to sales we have to check out how our product is superior to other existing products and how we can change the customer mindset to buy our product. Once a sale is done a bond is formed between the product and customer and it can only be retained by quality and the value additions. If the product is highly priced and providing low value than it is sure to lose the market. When the price and value additions matches or the value addition is greater than the price of the product, it is sure to be a big hit. Consumer today has got purchasing power but the product must be able to persuade him to buy.

Understand the need and tell your customers how you will fulfill all those needs. When you meet those needs you are going to be a big hit.

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