Change My Life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2011-04-27 14:16
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I asked God to change my life. He replied i cannot. I asked him why ? He told me that i had all the powers and needed no help. “ I had all the powers of changing my own self “ sounded very strange, but yes i felt great that i had all the powers which i needed to change my own self, my work life and my family. The problem with most of us is that we are so used to complaining that we do not concentrate on the solutions but cry just about our problem. Look in to the mirror, what you saw. Its your own image , your own shadow. Your mirror lets you discover yourself and you know about your features when you look in to the mirror. The same way the world is the reflection of your own self. The way you think so you will see the whole universe. When you become the change that you want to see than you adapt your self to the outside environment. Adaptation brings changes in your thinking. Your mind gets prepared and accepts the changes happening around you.

There is no one else but we ourselves that can drive change and bring improvements in our lives. We have to take a stand, take a decision and then move on. Why complain ? whats the use of complaining ? why not become change agents and become the change that we want to see. It will spread like a wild fire and things will start happening.

I remember days when i used to complain about every single thing and took no actions to correct them. But i learnt my lessons through real life situations and started changing and adapting. While going through the whole process of change i saw that i could do a lot of things which i was incapable of before, just by adapting to change and adjusting my attitude. Was the attitude the whole cause of all problems ? Yes i discovered that the biggest hurdle between me and my success was my attitude. There are lots of people who do not want to change their attitude but want to see miracles happening in their life just by praying and sticking to the same rules. I remember a very famous quotation here “ God helps those who help themselves “. If you yourself are not prepared how will god help you.

Drive all inhibitions away, accept and prepare yourself for the changes that are happening in your life. They occur for our good. Think of a situation , how boring it would be if everything remained the same and nothing changed. We would just stop watching the outside world and just sit at homes as there was nothing new to be discovered. The spice of life lies in change and when we change for the better God starts answering all our prayers and success comes in one after another.

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