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I am writing this article of mine according to “Sri Ananth PadmanabhaSwamyGod’s instructions so if you have questions you go and talk to him. He has made a choice for me and I have to abide by it since “He is the Man who changed my life for Lifetime”.

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Born to change the World. Who am I?

The Adventure Begins - Date 18th September 2019

I am writing down my real-life experience so keep reading.

On 17th September I went to Sri Krishna Super Bazaar, Manish Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra to purchase some food items. After I was done with the purchase I saw a stand where various nail polishes were kept. I just had a desire to purchase one for myself so I asked for help. A girl came to help me with various shades but my eyes got glued on the green color. “Bonjour” was written on the nail polish. Now I want to take you ,people, to flashback as to why I purchased only green color nail polish. I had purchased tomatoes from Reliance Fresh, Manish Nagar. One day I was cutting the tomatoes and there was one tomato which caught my attention. The outer cover was red in color but its seeds were bright green in color. That tomato caught my attention. It felt like a heavenly vegetable. That green color got embedded in my memory. I again went to Reliance Fresh to purchase some home items and saw green clips which caught my attention. I purchased them. So now you people know why I purchased that green Nail Polish. I had subscribed to Good Morning messages on my WhatsApp but I did not receive any messages on my WhatsApp on 17th September so I thought that the person managing the group might have forgotten posting any messages.

I went to Sri Krishna Super Bazaar the same day and loved that green color nail polish with “Bonjour” written on it. I have told you earlier that my life has changed after “Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy” God entered my life. As I reached home I searched for the meaning of Bonjour and found that it means “Hello”. God said hello to me on 17th September 2019. At around 8 PM at night I stood up to do sandhya puja. I was listening to songs on “Jio Saavn” but then I wanted to listen to some other song so I just opened Youtube to listen to that song. The song started playing. I thought I will pause the song when I will light the lamp but I forgot to do that. As I started doing my puja after lighting the lamp in my home temple in front of my God and near my Tulsi plant, the song paused. I thought the app might have closed on its own. Then I came to check my mobile and was very much amazed to see that the song had been paused. Now, who paused the song? I stay alone at home then who could do that?

I could not work on 17th midnight or 18th morning so what do I do?
I had a feeling of heaven on earth with all good energies beside me.
I thought of doing a drawing and spending some time with my own self. I could not sleep till 7 Am in the morning. Then What I did the whole night? I just sat in one place quietly on my yoga mat till 7 Am in the morning. I could see the rising sun so I clicked the photographs and saved them on my mobile. Then I just slept at 7 AM and woke up at 10 AM. I had a feeling that I had 11 toes, 10 visible and one invisible one which was God’s toe. The entire day I did some homework, cooking and watching Youtube videos. I could not even sleep on 18th September night or 19th September morning. I was working on my laptop and felt hungry at around 3:30 AM in the morning so I cooked something to eat. As I was eating I fell asleep and when I woke up I saw it was 6 AM in the morning. I could not understand how I slept in the sitting position on my yoga mat. Yes , I want you people to know that I love to do my work by sitting on the ground on my yoga mat, though I have a table and chairs for my work purpose but I prefer to sit on my yoga mat on the ground and work.

People think I am crazy but I don’t mind. I am who I am and I love myself that way. I stayed awake till 7 Am and then went to sleep. I woke up at 11 AM with a different feeling. Now see I have already told you people that I remember only those things which my God wants me to remember while the rest is still in my subconscious mind where my God stores all the information.

Yes, I forgot to write something more. It was Thursday yesterday i.e 19th September 2019. It means 19.9.19. There are three 9’s and the date can be read both ways and it is still the same. This day is special and signify something in astrology. I don’t know but an astrologer can predict that. I again connected with my God and he made me aware of my purpose ahead in life.

I have written my whole experience about 18th September 2019 according to my God’s wishes.

I believe I am here for a very specific purpose which is very big, something much beyond my own imagination and that is the only reason my God has stood by my side and he has also chosen a man to be in my life and I don’t know who it is? But he has communicated that he will enter my life now since the time has come. And yes it is his choice for me, so everything is a complete mystery. I don’t know anything so I am just working and watching movies on my mobile.

Sometimes all my senses stop working. When such a thing happens I take a break from work and just listen to songs and watch movies on my mobile. Today I saw “Kabir Singh” and then sat down to write my article for my website according to my God’s wishes.

See you all. Be happy. Eat some chocolates and also gift me some.

Bonjour, Good Morning.

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