Don’t overanalyze your life - Sometimes it is good to be illogical

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2019-06-29 18:11

I know this topic itself sounds crazy and you people must be thinking about what I am going to write. Just chill today I am penning down my own experiences and things which I have seen so read on to find more what I have to write about today’s topic. Well, you will see that whenever you overanalyze a problem it never really solves it but gets more problematic or it never needed the attention which you gave and sorted out on its own without your interference. I am sure you must have gone through many situations where you spend your precious time thinking of hundred’s of solutions but nothing worked and one day you get news the problem sorted out on its own. You keep wondering how and feel stupid for spending so many days on it. The biggest problem with almost everyone is that they have the problem of overanalyzing things. They prepare well in advance for the problems which have not yet occurred and there is no guarantee that it will ever occur in the near future but they are prepared. It may so happen that the problems which you prepared for will never occur and you wasted so much of your time and energy on that. I would say almost everyone has the problem of overanalyzing things and exaggerating it in their mind, the problem does not grow in the practical world but it grows only in the mind and we focus on solving the problems which have not yet occurred. Stop overanalyzing problems and preparing for what could go wrong tomorrow. When you will have problems you will find out the solutions, what you have to do now is concentrate on the current problems and look for solutions which will work now and don’t think what will happen after 10 - 15 years.

Even if the same problems occur again in the near future you cannot solve it the same way you did now. You will have to change your approach since the problem is no more the same so why to waste your time thinking of solutions which have to be applied after 5 or 10 years. It may so happen that you get much better in solving all your problem in the near future so there is nothing to worry about. Worrying kills creativity and you will not be able to concentrate on anything. Stop thinking about what all things can go wrong, just concentrate your energies on what can go right and don’t take too much tension. You cannot apply your logic everywhere. There will be few places in your life when you were expecting something and out of the blue something happened and changed the entire course of your life, now tell me can you apply your logic there. Life is so uncertain that when you start looking for certainty you are just fooling yourself. There is nothing which is constant in life then how can you apply logic to everything. It is good to be illogical sometimes when it comes to life. You were expecting a very negative response from the person whom you scolded for poor work replies positively to you for showing him the right path and you cannot apply your logic there. You were expecting a client to cancel your work since you delayed work by 1 month but you see that he understands your problem and is willing to work with you in the near future.

You visit a doctor and she says that you are suffering from some deficiencies in blood. You don’t take pills or injections because you cannot tolerate them and you find out after one-month when you get yourself tested you see that your body is doing better without medicines but you cannot apply your logic there. When you were eating your medicines every day you find out that some pigments which should be present in the blood is low and if it gets very low you can die due to delay of wound healing capacity in your blood. The doctor asks you to get lots of blood tests done so that they can find out the exact reason for you to lose those blood pigments. To everyone’s surprise, your body started recovering on its own and you fell illogical. I firmly believe that you cannot apply your logic everywhere and even if you are doing that you will only confuse yourself further. Being illogical sometimes is good because you stop doing extra brain activity and allow your mind to just relax which has a calming effect on the brain. Too much thinking or applying too much logic kills creativity and even your health. Your body has the innate capacity to heal itself so when you have health problems you can cure yourself on your own but if you think you need a medical intervention just go ahead with your decision.

I am sure all of you watch TV shows or shows on YouTube where you see kids giving great dance and singing performance at the age of 5 and you keep wondering how is this possible when your own 5 years old cannot adjust herself in playschool. There are some people who are born talented and when they polish their skills they can outperform an adult. When you see these performances you are illogical. You cannot apply your logic everywhere. For example, there are 100 ways of reaching a particular solution and no one tried something new but that does not mean that no one in the future will come up with some good solutions. I am sure someone will and you can’t apply your logic there. You cannot apply your logic when you fall in love with a man who is younger to you by 10 years but still, you love him. You will get the “N” number of examples of TV celebrities who dated and married people younger or older to them by an age difference of 10 to 15 years. Now if they would have started applying their logic in romance they would never have married the love of their life. It is good to be illogical sometimes. It is better to do less analysis so that we do not suffer from analysis paralysis.

Sometimes your overanalysis and logic will fail and you will have to add a new perspective to the way you look at the world out there because logic does not rule the world but creativity does. When you have to solve a certain problem you should have a creative approach towards it even when all logic fails. Get going, stop overanalyzing situations, stop being too logical and just let life be as it is. Live your life happily and do not try to add more problems to it, just live and let others live in peace. There are enough problems in the world so when you create fewer problems than everybody is benefitted. Let life unfold itself the way it has been planned by your God, do not complicate your situations by too much analysis or logic. Just live your life gracefully and things will be happening in your life.

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