The Best is Yet to Come - Don’t Quit

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2019-03-29 16:51
Hang On

Hang on and Don’t quit because the best is yet to come. There are various life circumstances when quitting seems easier than holding on because holding on seems difficult and tiring. I would say don’t quit because that is the time things will turn in your favor. A lot of people keep trying and when they are just nearing success they just quit because they cannot persevere anymore and just think that they have reached the dead end and now they cannot move any further. I know how difficult things can get at times and how painful it is to still keep moving when you cannot see any ray of light but when you just keep trying and experimenting you suddenly find that something clicked and are now in a better situation than you had ever thought of. Patience is the key to success. When you start a new business or when you try doing something for the first time you tend to do mistakes. Few keep trying again and again while others take the easy path of quitting and trying something else.

It is very human to lose interest in something which is not yielding results be it work or relationship. I have seen people doing job hopping and still feeling dissatisfied. The problem is not with the job but with ourselves. It takes time to adjust to a new work environment and work culture. It is only after some time that you get comfortable with new colleagues and the boss. Do not reach to conclusions too soon. We are very good at judging others but when others do the same we feel they should have given us some more time. You go to meet someone and all of a sudden the person gets angry with you. You feel bad and don’t want to meet that person again. You feel offended. You tend to judge that person and make an opinion that he/ she is not approachable but the reason may be something else. That person may be having a bad day or may be going through a tough time which you are not aware of. Be more understanding and do not reach conclusions too fast. Just think the people who created great enterprises and successful business are the ones who kept trying even when they got “No” for an answer and that is the only reason they are successful because they could not take “No” for an answer. But yes you have to check how much and to what extent you have to try to get something done or there are other good options for doing the same thing.

I have seen people trying to do multiple businesses when they cannot get a job because they cannot get successful at one. A lot of time and money is wasted in trying to do multiple kinds of stuff and nothing clicks. You just need to find your passion and then do it. You will get what you give. When you put in your 100% with full heart and soul then only you can think of getting good results. When you just put in your 50% or 60% and expect brilliant results than it is not possible. You will fail at various things then you will develop a new strategy to overcome those problems before you finally succeed in what you are doing. It takes time to get successful and the lessons which you learn along the way is something which will help you in moving ahead and be in that successful position. Some get successful much faster than others but that does not mean that they did not toil. It is part and parcel of life and we should give our best and leave the rest on time.

Read success stories of people or talk to them then you will understand how much hard work they have put in to build the business from scratch. The big business or the big building was started small and it was only with time that they could create a big thing. Learn the nuances of whatever you do. Learn the ins and outs. Be fully prepared so that when someone asks you something you can answer them. You should be able to market your self as well as your business because people dealing with you should find you impressionable. You should have good communication skills to put your work forward and convince the other person to give you business. You may be rejected several times before you get your first order and you have to have hope that things will turn out in your favor. You have to hang on and not quit.

In life you will come across various situations when just hanging on for a little longer is a better option than quitting. Circumstances or people test you till the core but if you do not quit and hold on things might work in your favor. Have patience it always pays in the long run. Learn the habit of being a good listener because when you listen more and talk less, you understand more. When you just get too stubborn and stick to your own opinion and want to prove how right you are than it is going to be difficult, you need to accommodate other people’s ideas and thoughts though they not match with yours. When you are in a commanding position and want to get something done than it is ok.

There are few situations when giving a try just one more time makes life easier. I have read innumerable stories on how people healed their diseases just by experimenting with a lot of stuff and something clicked and they were healed. There are so many incurable diseases and people have found a cure in Ayurveda and yoga. If they would have just accepted it as their destiny and stopped trying they would not be leading healthy and happy lives. Just try one more time when you feel like quitting. Just once more. Don’t lose hope, don’t give up, be happy and have faith that it is life and even if things go wrong how bad it can get. Then try and give your best. I know most of you fear what will happen if things go wrong. Others will mock at you and make fun of you. If you don’t try you will keep suffering so it is better to try and let others laugh at you. At Least you tried. Failure and success are two sides of the same coin. If you get one side than do not get disheartened. In your lifetime if you try and fail then you will be happier because at least you tried. But if you do not try something just fearing failure than that thought will be in your mind till the end of your life.

Fear governs most of us. Fear of the future or what will happen next. Have a brave heart, take risks and move ahead in small steps so that nothing can shake you.

I just want to convey this message to all my readers that hang on and don’t quit because if you quit you may miss the best which is waiting for you or is hidden in the future.

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