Am i Alive or adding years to my life ?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2015-06-22 13:41

I write on several topics but this is something which i chose today. Everyone is living life but how many of you are alive and living life in true sense. We all complete our daily works, to do’s and daily chores but do we enjoy them all. Do we love what we do and do everything with full heart and soul ? The answer to these questions will be, you enjoy some and not all things which you do in your daily life. Some of us lead very boring life and just pass days because that's the way of life. Those are the one’s who get fed up with life very easily and add on to stress and medical expenses. Days will pass on whether you do something or not so its better to add value to the day, so you feel that yes you have lived your day to the fullest. Add a PURPOSE to life. Purpose changes everything. Purpose changes the very meaning of life. Just define why you want to live your life and when you have defined it things will get easy the paths smoother and enjoyable. The paths seem thorny when we are lost and have no definite path. When the path is clear in mind everything gets automatically aligned and all the small or big roadblocks makes life challenging and worth living.

I have seen people living with hatred for someone till the end of their life. I know it is difficult sometimes to love someone who hurts you but then we can give that thing less importance and move on to achieve our true purpose of life which is much above all the hatred. Fill your heart with love and your eyes with vision with a focused mind do something which you want to do, achieve the I-M-Possible and i know all of us can. We all can do wonders once we have the extraordinary determination to do what we want to do. Come what may and let people murmur behind your back, do backbiting, speak foul words, nothing will change for you because you are focused and clear in your mind. Everything will never be aligned and that day never comes so think and define your purpose so that you are alive and not just living a plain life.

I know how tough it gets but then i also know nothing is impossible for a determined soul. I have found my purpose, Have you found it ? If yes All the best. If not then self introspect and define it.

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