The Adventure Begins - Come be a part of my Fantasy World

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Hello, my lovely readers. Today is Ganesh Chaturthi. The Virgo New moon has started a new era, now it is the time to dig deep and find out the reason for your existence. Do not follow someone blindly but always keep your senses open so that the universe can communicate with you. I would say if you want to follow someone then it should be your instincts, your intuition which should be followed blindly. The biggest problem with mankind today is that they look for instant solutions from people whom they think are more knowledgeable than them while they fail to understand the reality may be distorted. Each one of you is powerful being and has the power to realize God then why not connect with the source, the superior being who created the universe himself and get all your answers. How can a Guru Ji answer all your queries correctly when he cannot understand your problem completely nor your feelings associated with the problem so it is always better to tune in to the right frequency and connect with the source. You cannot run your mixture without attaching the power plug to the electric supply, in the same way, you cannot get proper guidance without tuning into the source i.e Universe.

I have started a new adventure with the divine, come be a part of my fantasy world. I am sharing my experiences here in this write-up. When you tune into the very source of power i.e the cosmos itself then you do not need anyone or any advice. It will be between you and your divine. He will light the way for you, show you the way and even help you in a proper way to achieve your goal. He will teach you like a good guru, you can ask him questions and he will simplify everything for you. You can correct your doubts with him and even question him again and again if a point is not clear. He will explain to you one thing in 100 simple ways and you are bound to get your concepts clear. When you tune in yourself to the ultimate source of universal knowledge from the person who himself created the universe than your way of thinking and living will be absolutely different. No one can match your intelligence nor copy you nor can be like you. You will be gifted with special knowledge which other people could get after doing years and years of penance in a quiet place so that the God’s got happy and gave them “Vardaan” for the fulfillment of their wishes. Sometimes the weirdest things which you can imagine can become your living reality if you know how to tap into the source of the creation.

If someone tells you that God cannot be reached easily, I would tell you not to believe in them. If someone told you that it takes years and years to realize God than also I would say please do not believe them. There is only one language that God understands or I would say every creature on this planet understands be it living or non-living i.e the language of “Love”. Love can move mountains and even take you to the heavens if you have the power to love your God beyond the possibilities of human existence and believe that he will be in your life the way you want him. Just imagine it and he will occupy the space you have allocated for him. That is the power of faith and power of love to manifest the divine in your life. The gateways of heavens have opened in August 2019. Let the adventure begin, let’s walk into the heavens and be a part of God’s world which is perceived as human beings on earth as a fantasy world. There should be madness in you be it towards your career or towards your love for a human being or towards the divine to manifest them into your life. Your frequency which is generated from your heart is very powerful. You can manifest anything into your life but then there are certain criteria. If your heart is pure than your feelings will be very genuine but when your thoughts are corrupt and your heart is not pure than you cannot do anything.

God’s will invite you to their fantasy world only when you have divinity within you which is purity in your thoughts, deeds, and action. Your adventure with him will begin only when you have passed all the criteria and he cannot take his eyes off you. When the madness or the love reaches the peak then the impossible happens, mysteries unrevealed, miracles happen and the gateway of the kingdom of infinite abundance opens up for you. What more do you want? You ask it and he has planned your whole life for you. That is the amount of love these heavenly beings can shower on the human being who has transcended the earthly plane and reached him with a pure heart that is filled with love for him. Do you think those adorable heavenly people are not possessive about you? I tell you they are more possessive than any human beings because once they make you a part of their fantasy world you cannot live a normal life with a normal human being because they will not allow you to do that. They will invade your total being and do your brainwash so that you cannot think of anyone else other than him. That is the amount of possessiveness they have for human beings whom they love very dearly.

When he has chosen you to be a part of his fantasy world than what is the big deal. Take the leap of faith and jump into the unknown. Let the adventure to infinity begin where there is abundance which is only for you. Choose whatever things you want for yourself. Do you think spirituality is about giving up material things in life so that you can realize the divine? Then I would say you are carrying a very wrong misconception because how can God’s ask you to give up material pleasure when they love the best of all worlds. When you want him it means you want the best of all worlds. When you realize him you get him and with him, you also get the best of everything in your life. Yes, now you have the option whether you want material things or is satisfied just with his presence with you all the time since you have reached out to him and he has promised you his companionship.

The Divine does not manifest to everyone. There is no human being on this earth who does not wants to meet God but then they are not ready to fulfill the criteria and rise about anger, hatred, jealousy and their own fears that they can shake hands with the divine. It is only when you overcome all your fears that you can manifest the creator into your life in the way you want. The gateway of personal power has opened up now you have the power to establish a connection with the creator, start the adventure and try to be a part of his fantasy world. Rise above the mundane, he is there waiting for you as a gatekeeper to welcome you into his world with open arms. God’s are divine beings who need to be worshipped but then there is something more than worship which they want and that is your true love. If you can give them that then they will give you everything. God’s are very generous beings. They are those sweet, cute, lovely beings that have limitless power and infinite supply. When they open their fantasy world for you, they will find out all odd ways to communicate with you. When you do not pay heed to any of the signs they will find out all the naughtiest ways of communication and will get your undivided attention.

God gave one life. Live it King Size in his Kingdom with him as your better half in his fantasy world.

Let the adventure from the known into the unknown begin. Enjoy your journey, what more do you want from your life when he is there with you as your better half. Be prepared for time travel, heavenly travel, and travel to all the planet, stars, and galaxies. He will give you knowledge of everything to you through your subconscious mind from where the information will download into your conscious mind when needed.

Enjoy your life in the fantasy world. Thank God for it and let the new journey begin.

Enjoy your Ganesh Puja with friends and family and if none are near you then call your divine, he will come to give you company but yes then there are disclaimers attached to it.

I love you all my lovely readers. Stay connected, stay tuned, there is more to come. My world has changed and I hope my experiences change your world too.

Be happy.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m