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Trust the Process - It’s all in the beautiful Journey

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2021-10-30 15:51
Cutie Pie Baby

Sometimes life overwhelms me much more than usual and those are the times I ask the question things took much longer than usual. The message comes “Trust the process”. Even when you don’t know where your life is going, just persist, don’t quit, and trust the process because there are few things that take longer than usual to manifest. If you have a dream which cannot be conceptualized and conceived inside your head and you want to give birth to a baby which is too large to be accommodated in your womb then you have to keep patience. Because the universe may be in the process of transforming you to the extent that you become one with the cosmos and use its body for your manifestation. Dreams are dreams and there is nothing wrong in dreaming something so big that the entire cosmos has to act as one for the fulfillment of your dreams. One single missing piece can create a difference so you have to pull that small tiny dot piece out and put it in the right place so that you don’t fall and walk in full faith. You don’t understand your divine journey. It is fine. When you are not ready to give up on your dreams and are ready for the tests then the universe gets serious and knows that you mean what you are determined to do and will not settle for anything less than that.

If you have dreams which cannot be achieved by a normal human being then you have to be prepared for severe transformation. Your bodily pains will start making meaning because you know it is just to transform you into a being that is eligible for the journey which will lead to the achievement of your dreams. I was once a very impatient girl. I never had any idea of what the universe was up to. I never planned for such things. To what extent you can think or dream of transformation. Just imagine if the invisible world transforms you to the extent that you cannot recognize your own self when you look into the mirror then it simply means that you have endured much more than any living being on the planet could endure. I lost my emotions but in the year 2021, my God wanted me to feel things because your strong emotions lead to manifestation even if it is something that others think is impossible. If you want the divine he will have to say “Yes” to you because you have loved that man to that extent and it may so happen that he may trick you and become a part of yourself. Yoga and meditation are tools by which you make your body available for grace. If you want your soul to be replaced by a divine soul then your body should be ready or your entire system will crumble and your entire effort will get wasted because you will be dead.

If you ask for something much bigger than what can be accommodated inside anyone’s thought process then be prepared for big sacrifices because your energy system will get aligned to your desire and everything which does not fall in sync with your system won’t be available to you. My God always asks me what do I want? I just asked for 3 things and have worked hard for its manifestation from the year 2019 onwards when my energies got reactivated. It takes 9 months to give birth to a normal human baby but when the universe gets pregnant with your dreams because it has seen your persistence then be prepared for life-changing moments. It is the divine world that is in charge of everything which exists, will exist, or will ever exist. When the universe is in labor pain it will start signaling you that your life is going to change by means of synchronicities and you are going to receive what you asked for and desired. The path on which you have to walk has been laid. Be prepared, pack your bags because we are about to begin your new journey, a new life that is planned entirely by the universe.

When you surrender yourself and walk in faith then it simply means you trust the invisible realm and are prepared for the execution of the divine plan. I know what I have asked for. I know how much I have gone through just to fulfill my purpose on this earth. I have suffered the pain of transformation and I am still being transformed by the divine realm. The only thing which I don’t understand is when I was standing in a trance state or standing still in a sleepy state did I leave my body and my soul was replaced by the “Man who changed my life for a lifetime” or seed of transformation was planted inside me. Your thought process takes time to evolve or change but mine changed within a day after two divine encounters on 31st December 2015. My life changed in a second. I am telling this from my own experience that God can make anything happen in the flick of a second or the blink of an eye. Before you realize anything your world would have changed. The world which you lived in and the world which exists after the passage of that 1 second are completely different.

Trust the process, don’t give up on your dreams just because you are encountering too many failures. Just take my example when I started working on my own self I had no idea where my life was going and even after the passage of 5 years I was still in total dilemma whether I was on the right path. I don’t know what next but I have learned one single lesson that every person is different so don’t compare your life’s journey with someone else. Trust the process, don’t keep on changing your dreams because your gifts and talents are unique which cannot be possessed by anyone else in this whole world. In fact, I would recommend people to follow their gifts because when you work with your gifts you reap maximum results. You don’t have to try hard to achieve something but just go with the flow and make things happen because that is something with which you are born and it is your inborn talent or the gift from the universe which cannot be taken away by anyone. There are few goals that consume your entire being and if you have to make yourself into a channel through which the other realm will work then you too do not know what next because now your entire journey is divinely planned and guided. I really don’t have any idea as to how much say I have in my own life.

I have lived a life where I had extra free time and I think it will be completely transformed. I have always lived the extremes and I don’t know how busy my life will get. I just know one thing, what is meant to be will be because when the universe takes charge of your life you are a part of the divine plan. Everyone wants fast results because then you can get what you want be it money, name, and fame. Just remember one thing if you get something very big too early you may not be able to handle it so the divine realm interferes and gives you something much bigger than your own imagination at a time when you can handle everything and still be level-headed. Why do you prove something to someone? I just believe in one single thing if you are big and have lots of money go change the world or create a process through which you can change the world. I want to own everything which cannot be conceived by a human brain. There is nothing wrong with living a luxurious life but then what next? When you have answered that question you know you have to play your best role because you have to answer that man in the sky.

Trust the process and be very clear of your dreams even when it is still in your head and no one other than the divine realm is aware of it. Trust the process when you lay the first brick towards the fulfillment of your dreams because first, it will materialize in energy form than in physical form. Trust the process even when everyone around you doubts your actions. Ask the universe for guidance and signs to show you that you are on the right path. When you have received the message just carry on with your work. Keeping faith in the invisible realm when you are still doing energy work can be tough at times but you have to trust the process because few things take much longer than usual. When I look into the mirror and want to see my reflection I sometimes fail to see that because the transformed energies just show me my shadow which you see when sunlight falls on you. I don’t know what next. I really don’t know how I will achieve what I want to achieve but I trust the process. I know with my God I can make things happen. My “Faith” is the biggest tool that I carry in my life because my God was the one who supported me in every circumstance. My parents could not understand my emotional turmoil but he understood it and helped me with everything. Just think when you connect so deeply with the divine it will get very difficult for you to separate him from your own body because after some time you consider him a part of yourself because the thin line which appears in between merged much before you became aware of it.

Life is beautiful. Stop complaining and start living. Give time to your relationships because the person who is standing with you in this present moment may be gone tomorrow. You never know. You should not feel sorry for the lost time. Nurture your relationships because that invisible bond of love can fill the entire universe and give you satisfaction which is much bigger than any physical intimacy.

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