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Sri Laxmi Narayani Temple

Wish Fulfilled

My God “Anantha” says that I wrote my destiny. I don’t remember when I did that but I can’t question him because he knows everything. He knows my past, present, and future. He is the one who changed my life for a lifetime. My identity changed when I came in a close encounter with two divine energies on 29th December 2015 with Tirupati Balaji God and on 31st December 2015 with Sri Laxmi Narayani Maa. I think the dormant code which existed previously in my body got activated since I became an absolutely different being after 31st December 2015.

Mysterious Universe

Everything which I am going to write in this article of mine is my own experience.

Sri Ananth Padmanabhaswamy

I share a great connection with my God’s but then this connection with my God “Sri Ananth Padmanabhaswamy” is completely different. It was his decision to be a part of my world. I had no idea that he had planned his entry into my life on 30th December 2015. He has touched my life and has changed me as a person. I am no more the same person, he has changed my total being and I feel I am reborn within the same body. He is the man who changed my life for a lifetime. I thank him for being a part of my world, my life. Thank You.

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