The Invisible realm of mystery - Can you hear the Voice?

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Mysterious Universe

Everything which I am going to write in this article of mine is my own experience.

I was a normal playful girl, always engrossed in my studies because that is something which I saw in front of my eyes because my dad was a professor of Law and is retired now. My dad is a very spiritual man and that is the only reason he passed a lot of his qualities directly into me because I am very close to my dad. I was a normal spiritual girl but one single incident changed my entire life. If you are someone who does not believes in mysteries or negate everything as false or want some logical proof that God exists then I would request you to leave your logic behind, get a little illogical and then read everything with an open mind. A learned person is not one who looks for proof of his knowledge but he is one who listens to everything with an open mind and then accepts parts that appeal to him. When you leave your five senses and everything which you perceive as real behind then you start entering the world which is invisible and hidden from everyone who is not aware of it.

Either you take everything which exists near you as real or you discard it by saying that it is all unreal. The choice is yours but you cannot run away from the reality that the soul which exists inside your body is the only truth. The physical body will fall off once the soul leaves your body. Everything which you experience in this lifetime is a memory that is prewritten so if you want to experience something new you have to follow spirituality and connect with the cosmos or God, the invisible which cannot be seen with open eyes but with closed eyes. When you clear the mind of all the preconceived notions which you have been carrying to date then you open yourself up for new possibilities. When you leave your logical mind behind and tell the universe “Yes I am ready to experience You” with a pure heart then the magic happens. Come let’s explore the unexplored. I look at the mysterious divine world through my lens. Every person cannot have the same experience because there is too much data out there and any single person cannot access everything all at once so be open and don’t disagree with something which is being discussed for the first time or some spiritual guru taught something else than How I can be different.

The universe opens up to you when you are ready with the right frame of mind and also when you have been chosen to fulfill the purpose which needs a very strong connection with the cosmos. The man-made world is very different from the divine world and yes I am writing this from my own personal experience. My life changed after one single event that happened in the year 2015 when I visited Tirupati Balaji Temple and Sri Laxmi Narayani temple located at Sripuram. Two divine experiences which did not last for more than a second changed the entire trajectory of my life and changed my life for a lifetime. I have practiced hardcore spirituality from 2015 till 7th December 2020 because that was very much needed for my personal growth.

Now let me explain to you what is a mystery? I never felt anything when I saw numbers before but now specific numbers convey very specific messages to me. If you too see repeated numbers and wonder what is happening? Great! All the angel numbers videos that are available on Youtube may not convey the message which you want to hear because every person is different and hence his experiences. The only thing which you need to do is sit in Padmasana and meditate, you will get your answers. In the year 2019, I felt that specific things started conveying very specific messages to me. Like I was just sitting in my Hall in Nagpur and saw a yellow shadow of the clouds on the floor of one of my bedrooms. I went out to see that. The color of the sky changed from yellow to blue in seconds. I kept wondering what is happening. I knew that the other realm wanted me to pay attention to everything which was happening around me so that I could go deep in my spiritual work since I stayed alone and the outside world was not aware of it.

In October 2019 especially during Navaratra, I used to work the whole night did meditation and other works, and slept in the morning. I slept for 4-5 hours since I had to complete the work which I was meant to do in a very small timeframe so I had no other option. Now let me explain to you how the energies work. I was in deep sleep at around 10 AM when a person came to deliver coupons to me so that I could attend all the Navartra programs being organized in the nearby Puja Pandal. That man gave the coupon card to my neighbor and did not ring my doorbell since I was sleeping and he would have disturbed me. When I woke up my neighbor told me that my coupon was with her. This universe is composed only of energy and everything is energy. When you work on your spirituality you are basically working on the invisible part of yourself with the unseen realm. The stronger the bond the greater the exchange. We all have the same physical body and no one is different but what differentiates two individuals are their energy bodies. Two people may look the same from the outside in all aspects but what sets apart one person from the other is the energy which they are radiating. You get attracted to God and it does not matter to you in which form they are.

Ever questioned yourself why? The answer is that you get attracted to the energy which is being emitted from the statue and it does not matter whether it is black or blue. I have worked with a wooden statue of Narayana and I have a photo frame of Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy which I purchased from Tirupati. I worked on my energies by connecting with them. I believe that there is only one God. Male and female energies combine to become one so whichever form you worship is all the same. It is like Shiv and Shakti merging together to make one divine entity. Everything which I worked on was conveyed to me through my intuition. Every step, timing, and what needs to be done. There were times when I discarded everything as unreal but that did not stop the other realm from establishing a communication with me. Energies are so real. You can know it only when you have felt it and worked on it. Don’t try to prove anything to anyone. If you have done your hard work your entire persona will reflect that and your energies will be felt by people from a distance.

Become spiritual and yes let me make something very clear to everyone out there. When you are following the spiritual path it does not means you need to do free service. Charge the right amount for your service. Why can’t a spiritual person be a Billionaire or a Multi-Trillionaire? Serving God does not mean free service. Earn, live a great life, and then do service to humanity with your earnings by doing philanthropy. All God’s lived a lavish lifestyle and if they chose to live a normal life it was their decision. The world today needs more awakened people who can teach everyone how to live a happy fulfilled life.

Chasing your dreams at the cost of your health will do no good to you because if you are not healthy then you are going to spend your earnings on maintaining your health. I believe in 100% madness and there is nothing in between, either it is 0% or 100%. People shy away from being spiritual because they think that if they are near God then they might lose their interest in creating wealth or living a great life. I would like to remove all your misconceptions today that it is not so. Connect with the supreme energy and understand the true meaning of life. Work towards your liberation. How many more births do you want to take just to get “Mukti”? You have to come here on this earth until you clear your karmas and reach a point where the gods themselves declare now this person does not needs a rebirth.

Understand life in the true sense. Chase, your dream but with the right mindset because if you want to leave a mark on the world you have to be aware of whatever you are doing and you cannot put full effort into whatever you want to create when you have not slept properly at night or skipped meals. Live a healthy lifestyle and become the master of your destiny and I am sure the divine world will gather to clap for you because they will be proud to see you succeed and declare that “This person is my creation”.

Only One Life to Live. Either live it 100% or keep complaining. Yes, you guessed it right. The choice is yours.

See You All. Good Night.

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