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Laws that govern the Universe - Do you know them?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2022-06-06 17:34

I think every person out there will agree with the fact that this vast massive universe is governed by certain laws. You can skip human court or prison but not the court of the universe. When this giant bubble was created by the Gods they also set certain rules by which every living being in the cosmic world has to abide by. You accept it, reject it, or complain about it but still, you have to follow it. If you break the rules be prepared for creating karmas which have to be repaid by you in the next birth. This karmic cycle creates numerous births and rebirths because until and unless you clear all the backlogs which you have created in all the previous lifetimes you cannot be liberated. The only path to Moksha or liberation is to take shelter of God where he can order Yama - The God of Death to give you liberation. Though the entire process of birth and rebirth is thought to be a myth by many scientists still it exists. How the universe works perfectly behind closed doors without even uttering a word is something that should be studied. A person who is holy may suffer for some time because of all the past karmic backlogs but his good deeds will take over and the creator himself will stand for him. I always complained that good people suffer more than anyone though they don’t hurt anyone’s emotion nor play with them. I just got one answer their suffering is temporary.

What books the universe uses to keep records of every individual living or dead is still a very big mystery that cannot be unlocked by the human mind or for that matter by any ancient texts. Only the knowledge which is meant to be disclosed has been written while the rest is hidden even from the most advanced beings who walked on the planet. Other than God no one can access these highly secretive documents which can be opened only by the key or code which exists inside the body of God i.e the soul. This body is just the outer cover so very less importance is given to it in all Vedic texts. I went through a bad breakup because the relationship ended very abruptly and many people conspired against me behind my back. I did not know the reason. I think my sufferings were due to past life karmas which needed clearance in this lifetime since this is my last birth. I just put a full stop to the old life. Since I have done a lot of Mantra Sadhana everything which did not resonate with me left my life since my path got very different due to the decision which was taken by the universe or maybe by me when my soul reincarnated on this earth. There are many things that I don’t remember but the invisible cosmic world says they have given all the information to me. My subconscious mind knows the past, present, and future but my conscious mind cannot access them. The thin veil separates the two worlds so I really don’t know what next.

The universe pushes a reset button every time there is too much pain, misery, or wrongdoings in the world and takes all the control into its own hands to re-establish dharma which will last for lakhs of years. When the cosmos takes over its creation it sends an Avatar on the earth to establish dharma and also bring changes to the universe. Since this is Kalyuga God’s will work very differently. Miracles will happen but you cannot see them with open eyes. If you close your eyes and sit in deep meditation then you can see what is going on in the invisible realm. The rapid changes which are happening will change the fortune and life of so many people. It will create an impact on the world level. Humanity has played and given the proof of how much they can create dirt in the good system which was created by the divine trillions of years ago. I know no one would be ready to take the responsibility and play the blame game that the corrupted system has existed for a very long time. The cosmic clock has been reset. Though no human being can see it the changes have started happening. You will notice it when these cosmic changes start affecting your life in a good or bad way. I don’t think anyone will be spared but you will get options because the final incarnation will give you a choice. Everything which has been hidden and kept under the carpet for a very long time will be exposed. Just prepare to hide your face because you won’t find any place.

India is a rich country but the problem is that people have hidden all the black money in the wrong places and it's high time for the lost glory and wealth to be returned back to its place of origin. I know there are many people who claim to be God and play with the name of the divine but when he will actually make his presence felt in the most powerful way all jaws will drop because if you think everything to be a joke you are highly mistaken. The cosmic consciousness is resetting itself so you can access the good energy by meditating with a clear mind. I want you all to remember one thing every person cannot own the same amount of wealth and the purpose of everyone’s life is different so stop comparing and start living. Everything is frequency so when the vibration is reset you will feel out of place for some time and then start adjusting to the new system. The change will not happen in a day but over a period of time. Just be truthful to your work because it will get very difficult for you to repay your karmas since you will be answerable to the divine himself. Yes, he will reveal himself to the world at the right time when the universe feels ready for it. Don’t think that you can escape doing all wrong acts. The cosmic world is keeping time and a record of all the wrong acts which you are doing without the knowledge of the other person.

The universe has its own language and it will find expression through your intuition. Just tap to your inner voice and get cosmic breadcrumbs because the universe may be in a mood to talk to you. I know there are so many established businesses running through generations that are built by following wrong practices. They will fall like a game of cards. I can see it. Laugh at your own risk because when my visions which I saw in meditation become a reality you will be the one who will say I read it somewhere. All the planets which you can see and cannot see are aligning to bring back the law and order of the cosmic world where the judge will be the creator himself and you will not be spared. I am not a saint and I am still clearing all the karmic backlogs before I start my new life which is more of a phoenix rising from the ashes because all the spiritual practices killed the old person who existed in me to give birth to a new me. You cannot understand God or his ways of working. There is a rule book or constitution which rules the universe but we human beings don’t know them. I have practiced spirituality in this lifetime but I think I am getting the benefits of all the spiritual work which I did in my previous lifetimes because I can access many parts of the invisible world through my intuition and my own body which are not available to any human being.

Some food for thought before I conclude my write-up. Do you think the creator is not yet born? I think he is because the amount of chaos that existed has been neutralized. Everything which is happening is happening so that other countries and people learn their lessons. The cosmic consciousness is coming under full control of the invisible forces which you cannot see but you will feel a change in your thought process. The universe works in ways that cannot be understood by the human mind because you cannot understand even the divine through this small conscious mind. He is someone who can transform himself and show his presence in the form of invisible energy or just an insect then how do you know whether it is God or a normal insect which you are seeing. In those moments you have to look through your third eye or intuition because you cannot access him through the five senses.

I don’t have much idea of cosmic justice. My subconscious mind might have some knowledge about it but the visible frame of mine cannot access things that are available to my soul. The universe works at the soul level because the visible world is not real. The energy web which you cannot see is the only reality so try understanding it and set yourself on the right path. Whatever has been happening in the world since 2020 indicates that it was the decision of the invisible world to bring about clearing so if you are still thinking that the person who is meant to take the reigns of the cosmos into his own hands is not here then you are highly mistaken.

Live a truthful life where you don’t cheat someone because you don’t know how you will have to repay your karma since the final incarnation is here and justice will be served in his court. There is no narrow escape so be prepared for the consequences.

Life is a good dream. Achieve your goals, do your duty and serve your purpose. Good Day. Welcome to the New Cosmic World. Life is great.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m