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Energies of the Universe and Destiny - Any Correlation?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2020-05-27 14:13
Universe Energy

Hi All. Today I wanted to write about something which is very close to my heart and that is Energies of the Universe and destiny. Though lots of people disregard destiny and quote everything as Law of Attraction, my concentration today is only on universal energies and destiny. Everything which exists in the universe is energy and there is nothing which happens by chance. Everything happens the way it is meant to be and there is something called divine time. You keep praying for something or work hard to achieve your goals and still can’t see anything happening. Days, months, and years pass by, and still, you feel there is a long way to go and guess what? All of a sudden everything aligns and you get what you desired or worked hard for. You are overwhelmed and successful. The only thing which you have to concentrate on is your karma. You cannot control the outcome. You can do what is in your hands and give your best and leave the rest in the hands of the universe. I know there were so many people who planned their whole year without knowing what was actually in store for them and all of a sudden the whole world came to a standstill. You never know what is going to happen next, that is destiny.

I believe in the energies of the universe and destiny. There is a bigger and greater force that is working in your favor. You do not know about it and you cannot understand it since it is beyond the perception of the logical mind. When you cannot apply logic to something you simply disregard that as illogical since it is beyond your understanding. The energies of the universe communicate with you and always follow you. There are very few people who have made themselves receptive to the communication from the other dimension since the sacred forces do not open up to everyone. When I discuss about the energies of the cosmos then I have to combine it with spirituality. Everything is science. When you develop an understanding of one thing you will automatically understand the other. When you open a doorway to the other dimension by means of yoga, meditation, and prayers, you will experience a heightened sense of intuition which will guide you. This whole concept of universal energies is also new for me but I try to understand and explore. Now let me give you my own example. I fell sick in 1st week of May this year. I felt so weak that I could hardly get out of my bed since I felt like sleeping all the time. I stay alone and there is no one to look after me but somehow I managed and made it through those tough times. I really don’t know how?

One day I woke up cooked something to eat and then slept and I had no track of time. It is only when I got out of bed the next day that I saw it was 10 o’clock in the morning. When I looked on the ground I saw there was a lizard near my bed. I did not pay much attention to it. After some time I noticed that the same lizard followed me everywhere and kept an eye on me. I thought everything was a coincidence but then it was not. Two days ago I was looking for something and I noticed it near me again. What I personally feel is there is an energy that follows me and keeps an eye on me to check that I am safe even when I am sleeping since I stay alone at home. I had to go to the grocery store and bring some vegetables for me and even my building lift was out of order. Only God knows how I went and brought home those vegetables and How I made it to the 2nd floor of my home. I really don’t know from where I got that much energy. When I think about it today I still keep wondering. When you establish a connection with the universe through spirituality then something mysterious happens.

This whole universe is mystical. The deeper you dig the more mysterious it gets. God is great. When I was engrossed in puja and inner work in October 2019. I had felt certain energy following me since I did all my puja at around 3 AM or 4 AM in the morning. I slept at 6 AM and woke up after 3 to 4 hours which means I hardly slept. There was so much surge of energy within me that I followed it and my intuition was also at its peak. I was forced to follow whatever was flowing to me from the higher realms and I was left with very little option to decide a “Yes” or a “No”. The energies of the universe are mindblowing. Your whole logic will fail.

I wrote about my own experience so that you all can have an idea that there is a bigger force which is working in your life and everything which happens in your life is aligned to it. There is nothing that happens without reason. Everything happens according to a proper plan. Now, do you believe in destiny? If Yes great and If No then keep an eye on your own life you will get all your answers which you were looking for. I really love the quotation which says “What you seek is seeking you” which means you will get what you are looking for. We meet so many people in our lives and even get attached to some of them. Now comes the biggest question Why? There are various reasons for it. You both may share a past life connection with each other and are meant to be in this life to play a certain role in each other's life. As time passes by you will get your clues and get a better understanding of why you met someone. There are times when you meet someone who is not from your country and is absolutely your opposite but you still feel connected to them. It may be a past life connection or there are certain energy cords attached between you two from this life and you are meant to be in each other's life. The timing of the universe is perfect. It is never late, it is always on time.

It may so happen that you are living your normal life and all of a sudden something will change the entire course of your life or your thinking. It happens with everyone. Destiny also plays a role. You will meet every person who is written in your destiny. The best part is “Something which is meant to be in your life will never pass by”, at least be rest assured of that. If someone is destined to be in your life he will be in your life the way the universe wants. Chill, do not lose your night’s sleep and do your karma. Play your role and let the universe unfold its deep secrets before you. Your destiny will take you to exact places where you are meant to be so that you meet the right people who will play a very significant role in your life.

Thank those who have impacted your life so that they know that they have added value to your life by their presence. You never know why someone is in your life till the universe conspires and that person starts playing his role in your life.

I want to express some more viewpoints on what is destiny. Have you seen that sometimes your mom hands a bar of chocolate to you and all of a sudden asks you to hand it over to your brother or sister and gives you another one? Now, what is that? The chocolate which was written in your destiny reached you. It so happened last year one of my neighbor's husband went to Russia. He brought a bag full of chocolates for his family. My neighbor gave some to me. Now you see the chocolates which were written in my fate reached me all over from Russia. You will simply get amazed at how everything works. When you sit still and look back at everything which happened to you, you will develop a better understanding of everything. There are so many more stories but I don’t want to mention them. I am a big believer in destiny because I only know the amount of hard work I am putting in for the betterment of my health and the amount of success I have achieved. The only thing which the universe conveyed to me is to keep trying and everything will happen on divine time. Till then I have to wait.

The energies of the universe will test you, train you, and put pressure on you to the extent that you don’t want to live anymore and that is the time you will see that things will start happening in your life. The rough stone has been turned into a precious yellow sapphire. I wear yellow sapphire in my right hand. My dad gifted it to me since it brought good luck. I don’t know how lucky it made me but I love that ring. God wrote my dad in my destiny. My dad is simply a gift of the divine to me on this earth. I Love my Dad, I Love my God and I Love You All.

See You. Spread your infinite bright light so that it reaches me and we will party together after the lockdown. Great Na.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m